Adelissa (14 May 2011)
"Need a shoulder to cry on here - the liberal view on Abortion"

I know this isn't technically a last days issue, then again maybe it is... but this hurt me so badly and I needed to hear some comforting words from Christians that have to be as appalled at this logic as I am.
 I commented on this youtube video about abortion and is it right to have a child if you are in a situation where you can't protect your child.
below is my comment, the comment written about me and my follow up comment.

Me - To your question about "protecting" a child by aborting them... I only have one word.


Other Poster - MissAdelissa says: adoption

~~~~~~~~~~~ Sure, stop aborting & have a possible one MILLION thrown away babies in this country alone...80 MILLION in a d***ed lifetime. When does your concern for a child welfare kick in...or dosent it? Youre a child abuser.

My response - Do you know HOW many people are unable to have a child, including myself? If it weren't for someone choosing life for my little one, I wouldn't be blessed with her. So killing a child is better than putting them up for adoption. The logic there is baffling.

I can't believe that there are people out there that treat a life like a burden on society. It is Darwinism at it's worst. We have these little ones who are in our way/not the fittest in society so lets just murder them.
Is there something wrong with me for feeling this way?  When did we start talking about human souls like cats that need to be put down because they are overpopulated.
What's next? Enforced spaying and neutering of humans? That's what the founder of planned parenthood was for. She was a supporter of eugenics and basically didn't feel like poor people should have children. Hitler was also for it.
Don't you just GROAN for the Lord when you hear things like this?  Maybe I am overreacting but someone needs their hearts broken over these kinds of issues.
This was in response to the video here: