1 Cor 10:31 (6 May 2011)
"re:  Fay:  "what a mess""

*Applause, applause, applause* for your fine letter, Fay!!   http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/fay55.htm
The only thing is ~ towards the end you were questioning WHY doesn't the Lord come for us....... well, it's high time for that!   Each & every time I try to "talk myself into" ~ thinking that possibly the world has to get "a whole lot worse" (as in the days of Noah) ~ then fortunately I can also remind myself that THESE **ARE**  the days of Noah!!
Men's thoughts are continually evil.  But the Bible reminds us that when the FULLNESS of sin is at an all time peak (in Daniel, I think) ..... **THEN** things will get into motion with the AC coming on the scene, etc.
Sometimes it's easy for me to think ~ well, these "little, petty" sins .... lying & thievery & such .... are not on board with "men's thoughts being continually evil" ~ AH!!!   BUT THEY ARE!!!!!!    In fact, Revelation assures us that thieves and all liars will have their britches set on fire for all eternity!!   It will not be "only" unbelievers who are in hell.   Anyone who disagrees with that is disagreeing with Scripture.   So be assured that even these "little petty" sins ARE a big deal in the Holy Father's Eyes!!!!    And it's all part of the overall picture.
I do totally agree with you that there is no turning back now!!  Things are in motion & like a snowball rolling downhill that turns into an avalanche ~ once started, it cannot roll "back UP hill".
You're absolutely right that America's current Pres. IS the most destructive of all time!!   I've just got to believe in my heart of hearts that he was allowed to be in office at this time.   {I truly believe he will have a *world mission* to accomplish ~ just as soon as born again, abiding-in-the-Vine Christians are "gone"!!}
We hope & pray that we are gone this very year ~ this very spring!!   Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we feel we cannot take much more.
But we are assured that the Lord's timing WILL be perfect!!
Even so, we pray MARANATHA!!!!!!!     Please, perfect Lord, gather us together with Yourself, that we may escape the insanity of the earth & dwell with You forever in Paradise!!  ~ even so, COME Lord Jesus!!!