1 Cor 10:31 (5 May 2011)
"re:  Frank Molver "golden cup" and who is Babylon"

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Hi Frank & others here as well ~
Frank, I do agree with you about "who" the AC most likely is!!   Oh sure, I've noticed all along the way he fits the shoes; it's just that for the longest I'd been taught that the AC  HAD to come out of the EU......   at any rate, when researching this candidate's ancestry, part of it may indeed be.....  what helped me switch my views & figure he must be the one was mainly a letter by Bill Griese who explained that according to Is. 14 the AC must be this one .....    well, I'm not making much sense just yet.    {Will insert this though for Susan B. from Aussie ~ I love you dearly & have prayed for you over the years, but must go on record that I simply cannot agree that the US Prez is (as you put it) "a good man trying to do the right thing".   He showed us from DAY ONE his true colors.  A good & just man trying to do the right thing does not allow into law what God strictly says is an abomination; nor does he kills people (3rd term late abortion) nor does he consistently lie!    AND most of all ~ he would never, ever, ever accept man's WORSHIP of him. 
At any rate...... back to the subject at hand.....
Anyway, re: Frank, your thinking that "Babylon" could be America ~ and some (most?) think it's the RCC.   Well, I have a completely different notion than most (at least to date I've never seen anyone else come up with this!).....  and I'd sound so political (heh!)  in saying that perhaps you're both right!  How so?  
Well, it's like this.  I am very convinced that "Babylon" in REVELATION is the RCC........ too many similarities, the purple, the scarlet, the way that MULTITUDES of real Christians were martyred under their belief system, "the sorceries" by which ALL nations were deceived, the way they have "souls of men" (Rev. 18)..... and to cap it off:  it is described in the Bible as THE CITY ON 7 HILLS.   <-- that's a dead giveaway.   Babylon is a CITY on 7 hills & will be destroyed at some point DURING the Tribulation ~ perhaps close to mid-trib, then all "worship" can be turned & directed to the AC.  (oh, how he will love that!!)
HOWEVER, and here's the thing I've never noticed anyone else pick up on as MOST all who notice the similarities between the two always think they are one in the same, but they are not..... the Old Testament speaks a LOT about "the daughter of Babylon"   {just in case, no one knows, there can be "several" Babylons}.   This one, the daughter of Babylon is more secular, more economic, she LOVES her "treasures" and is MAD about her PLEASURES!!!   In fact, I think it's Is. 47:8 that says, "Oh, PLEASURE-MAD kingdom"!!.......      C'mon! ~ that's what this country is currently all about!!  I know people who will not budget enough $$ to feed their own families (they go to food banks instead) and YET, they WILL spend every nickel on gambling, on going to extremely COSTLY concerts & comedy acts, etc.
I made a big, long list of clues that are listed, including a nation where MANY Jews live {and for those who would disagree and think it's Iraq, this country is "FAR AWAY" from Israel and it could not be Iraq, which is practically next door to them....and MANY Jews do not live there!!!   They do live here though!! ~ almost as many here as in Israel.} 
Towards, the end.... before this *NATION*  <---- notice NOT "CITY" but nation)~ "gets it" ..... and trust me, they WILL get it...... I believe it will be towards the end of the Tribulation or perhaps within about a year before..... the Jews are told to leave....... "to get outta' Dodge" if you will..... and to go back to their own home country to keep from sharing in her sins.
This daughter of Babylon ~ the young, tender, country, the "hammer" of the whole earth, and so smug..... thinks she will NEVER get hit..... not entirely..... not merely another 9/11..... but a total wiping out of her country.  {BTW, a careful study of Is. 14 says about the AC that "you destroyed YOUR country"....... so upon reading that, it was another confirmation to me of who is the AC,.... as Britain is not the country that's going to get wiped out during the Trib.  (See, I used to suspect the AC to be a certain British gent..... one who's still in the spotlight as far as I'm concerned, but just not for the "main role" during the Trib of being the AC.)    Britain, BTW, is of course, the "mother" of the daugher of Babylon & will weep when she sees what happens....
True there are many "similarities" between the RELIGIOUS Babylon ("city") on 7 hills and the ECONOMIC, pleasure-mad ("nation") daughter of Babylon in Isaiah & Jeremiah...... for instance, they both say in their hearts that this could never happen to us......  and yet for all the similarities, they are yet different.
So you guys ~ no "mud slinging" allowed here (smile!)  as to which country/entity it is ~ because IT IS BOTH~ as the Tribulation will be hell on earth & soooo much of the world will be destroyed -- it will be satan's playground for 7 years.   And we know what his mission is!!   To KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY.
Personally, I truly think that both are right!!   The "Babylon of Revelation" is the CITY on 7 hills ~ the "religious", none other than the RCC.  
And the "daughter of Babylon" is the NATION..... things aren't looking too good for it during the Tribulation either.
We want to know Jesus, to follow Jesus, to allow Him to truly be Lord of our lives {not just "one facet" of our lives, but our FIRST LOVE!!} ; and to watch & pray always that we be accounted worthy to escape these things (that are going to come upon the earth) and to stand before the Son of Man!! 
When we slip up & fall.... skin our knees, walk thru' the dirt...... we report for daily foot washing!!