F.M. Riley (29 Mar 2020)


                                                                               By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                     March 26, 2020 

     “Ane the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,

     This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you,

     Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for a house,” Exodus 12:1-3. 


     “And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening,

     And they shall take of the blood and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses wherein they shall eat it.” Exodus 12:6-7. 


     “And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

     And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever,” Exodus 12:13-14. 





     The Jewish Holy Day of PASSOVER is the most important Holy day of all the Jewish holy days in the year on the Jewish calendar.  This study is written to show our readers why I make this statement, especially in view of the approaching season of PASSOVER…….


     The Jewish Holy Days were assigned to Israel by the Lord God Himself as recorded in Leviticus 23.  The Torah observant Jewish people still observe these Holy days after all these centuries of human history. 

       I am aware that the Torah observant Jews today consider Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, to be their most important Holy day, and one day in the  future it will be.   Buy right now it is not! The Jews as a people and nation have not yet been redeemed.  Therefore they are “jumping the gun” when they regard Yom Kippur as their most Holy Day.       

      There are at least three reasons  set forth in the Scriptures why PASSOVER is the most  important Holy Day of the year on the Jewish calendar, not only to the Jewish people, but also to all of mankind living today.  STUDY what follows carefully…….    



        Prior to that first Passover, there was no Jewish nation.  Jacob and his offspring; 70 souls, had come down into Egypt seeking refuge from the famine that was ravaging the land of Canaan.  430 years later, those 70 souls had multiplied into an estimated million or more people.  But they were not a nation.  Rather, they were slaves to the Egyptians.   Their Egyptian taskmasters were cruel to them, and they began crying out to the God of Jacob for help.  God’s ears are always open to the cries and prayers of “the righteous,” Psalm 34:15.  Since all of those Jews were descendants of godly Jacob, there is no doubt that there were some



“righteous” souls among them, and God was listening.

     In order to answer their pleas for deliverance, but also to make of them a nation of people, the Lord God then set in place a new calendar year  for the Jewish people, as recorded in Exodus 12. The first appointed “holy day” on this new calendar was the Festival of PASSOVER. Readers should carefully study the entire 12th chapter of Exodus. 

     In order to save time and space in writing this study, the major details of the Passover are set forth as follows…..

     The first month of the new year was Abib.  The name of this month was changed to Nisan during the Babylonian captivity which came centuries later.  So…..

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 1.    On the 10th of Abib, every Jewish family was to select a lamb for a sacrifice to God, Exodus 12:3-4. 

2.     The lamb they sacrificed to God had to be without “spot or blemish;” a perfect specimen, Exodus 12:5.  . 

3.     So they kept their chosen lambs up for three days, Abib 11, 12, and 13, for the purpose of inspecting the body of the lamb to make certain it had no defects of any kind in it’s body, Exodus 12:6.    

4.     On the evening of Abiib 14  each household was to kill their lamb as a sacrifice to God, Exodus 12:6. 

5.     All of the lambs were to be sacrificed  as the whole congregation of the Jewish people assembled together, Exodus 12:6.  .    

6.     The blood of the lamb was to be caught in a bowl, basin, or bucket, Exodus 12:7.  .

7.     The blood of the lamb was to be STRUCK on the door posts on each side of the door, and upon the upper door posts above the door, Exodus




8.     The body of the lamb was then to be roasted with fire, Exodus 12:8.

9.      Each household was to then eat the lamb, eating it with “unleavened

Bread: and with bitter herbs,” Exodus 12:8. 

10.     They were not to cut or break up the body of the lamb, but to leave the body complete, Exodus 12:9. 

11.     The entire lamb was to be consumed before the morning.  Any of the lamb not consumed was to be burned in the fire, Exodus 12:10. 

12.      They were to eat the lamb hurriedly, fully clothed, with their shoes upon their feet, and their staff in their hands, as if they were ready to leave, Exodus 12:11.  

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      The Lord God then told them that during that very night He was going to pass overthe land of Egypt in the heaven above, and judgment would come upon every Egyptian household, obviously for the wickedness they had committed against God’s chosen Jewish people.   Every act of wickedness has it’s own reward, Galatians 6:7.  The Egyptians had drowned the babies of the Israelites, and now the firstborn of the Egyptians were to die, Exodus 12:12. 

     Don’t miss this!  The Lord God told the Israelites that when He saw  the blood upon the doors of their homes, that He would “pass overthem, and they would not be harmed, Exodus 12:13. 

      Then the Lord told them that they were to observe the day of the “pass overforever, throughout their generations, Exodus 12:14.  Why? Because during that night the Lord God did indeed pass over the land of Egypt.  The firstborn of the Egyptians died, and Israel was set FREE from their bondage.

     The Jewish people left Egypt the next morning, the 15th day of Abib, and traveled day and night on the 15th, 16th, and 17th.  They finally crossed


the Red Sea during the night of the 17th-18th, and on the morning of the 18th they stood on the Eastern bank of the Red Sea, victoriouss amd refoicing as a FREE people, and A WHOLE NEW NATION.  .

     Now dear readers, how could any “holy day” of the Jews be more important than the Day of Passover?   Think about this! 



     Why is the Jewish PASSOVER the most important Holy Day on the Jewish calendar?   Because it was the day the Lord Jesus Christ; “the Lamb of God,” was offered as a sacrifice to God for the sins of the whole world.   

     Let’s move forward a thousand years or more, from the original Passover, to the first coming of Christ into the world. 

     The parallel between the killing of the Passover lamb, and the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of His public ministry, is unmistakable and undeniable by any reader who makes a  serious effort to  study the two accounts.  It is the crucifixion of Christ, in relation to the Passover, which I want now to emphasize to our readers.   

     Ancient Israel was explicitly told to choose a lamb on the 10th day of Abib, in view of sacrificing it to God. 

       On the 10th day of Abib in 30 A.D.,  as the Israelites were selecting their lambs to observe the Passover, the Lord Jesus Christ was making His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, exactly as prophesied, Zechariah 9:9.   Check out the three accounts of the Lord’s Triumphal Entry in Matthew 21:1-15, Mark 11:1-11, and John 12:12-18.  That day the Jewish people, with great joy and rejoicing, chose the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah, their Savior, and their King, not realizing that they were also selecting their sacrificial “Lamb,”  John 1:29. 

     However, the wicked priests and other “religionists” in Judah, who were leading the Jewish people at that time, were having none of it.  Even


while the people were rejoicing, the priests were plotting how to ensnare

the Lord, and get rid of Him.  Great crowds were beginning to follow the Lord, and the jealous priests just couldn’t stand it.

     The next day, Abib 11, the priests put their wicked plan into action.  They began to ask the Lord questions, which they were just sure would expose Him as an ignorant teacher.  IT DIDN’T WORK!  But they kept on trying. 

     Even as ancient Israel had inspected their chosen lambs for three days, so The Lord Jesus Christ was inspected over the next three days; the 11th, 12th, and 13th of Abib, exactly as the lambs of the Israelites had been inspected centuries before.  Christ was confronted by the Scribes and Pharisees, the Sadducees and Herodians, and of course the priests themselves.  The Lord answered all of their questions,  even making them look like fools for some of the questions they had asked.  They could find nothing wrong with the Lord’s answers, His life, or His ministry.  So with the help of Judas Iscariot, they finally took Him to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, and accused Him of sedition against Rome.  After a careful examination, Pilate clearly stated, “I find no fault in this man.”  Christ, “the Lamb of God” was totally without “spot or blemish.”

      Nevertheless,   Pontius Pilate was just a wicked politician, like many we see today.  He didn’t find any fault in Christ, but in order to please the wicked Jewish priests, He turned Christ over to them to be crucified.  From that instant, until He died Christ was abused.

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     The Lord God had commanded the Jews in ancient Egypt, to choose and sacrifice a lamb on Passover, the 14th day of Abib.  That was a simple procedure of cutting the lamb’s throat and it bled to death. 

     However, the Lord God DID NOT command the Jews in ancient Egypt to place a crown of thorns on the head of their lambs and beat the crown


 down into the skin and flesh upon the lamb’s head.  The Lord God DID NOT command those ancient Jews to spit in the face of the lamb, to beat the lamb with their fists, to whip the back of the lamb until the flesh was cut to ribbons causing the blood flow freely.  The Lord God DID NOT command  the ancient Israelites to nail the lamb to a cross, and drop it into a hole with a thud.  The Lord God DID NOT command the ancient

Israelites to strip the skin off of the lamb, as the garments were stripped off of the Lord, nor to withhold water from the lamb when it thirsted, nor did He tell the people to stand around the lamb jeering and mocking as the lamb suffered and  died.  The Lord God DID NOT command the Jews in ancient Egypt to do any of those things to the lambs which they had chosen to offer in sacrifice to Him. 

     Yet all of these terrible things were done to the Lord Jesus, God’s chosen Lamb, on Passover, Abib 14, in 30 A.D.  Do some readers then wonder why the inspired Scriptures speak numerous times of God taking “vengeance,” or “revenge” upon those LEFT BEHIND on the earth, during the coming Tribulation?  You have your answer! 

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     Finally, on Passover, the 14th day of Abib, the Lord Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross of Calvary.  There He continued to suffer the indignities heaped upon Him by the Jewish people, but also by the Roman soldiers.  Jew and Gentile.  Remember that Christ was the sacrifice for the sins of the world, Hebrews 2:9.  That day of Passover occurred on Wednesday, Abib 14, 30 A.D. 

     Remember that the Jews begin each new day at sundown on the previous day. 

     So the body of Christ was placed in the tomb by 6:00 P.M. on Wednesdasy, Abib 14, the beginning of Abib 15.  The body of the Lord



was then in the grave the night and day of Abib 15, the night and day of Abib 16, and the night and day of Abib 17.  Three days and nights, exactly as the Lord Himself had prophesied that He would be  in Matthew 12:38-41.  The “sign of Jonah” had been literally fulfilled.   

     Then just at the 17th day of Abib was ending, and the 18th day of Abib was beginning, the Lord Jesus Christ arose from the dead and came forth out of His tomb, very much alive and ready to finish the work His Father in Heaven had given Him to do. 

     This is why the Day of Passover, the 14th day of Abib, is the most important day of all the Holy Days appointed by God for Israel to observe during the course of their year.  It is the day Christ was sacrificed for the sins of all of mankind, both Jew and Gentile. 

     But these first two reasons why Passover is the most important Holy Day of the year on the Jewish calendar does not complete the picture.  There is yet one more reason, which I now set before our readers…….




The Lord God, in Leviticus 23 graciously appointed to Israel the Holy Days they were to observe throughout the course of the year appointed to them by God in Exodus 12.  Significantly, every great event in the entire Bible has occurred on one or more of those appointed Holy Days. 

     In Leviticus 23 the Passover is appointed for Abib 14.  The very next day, Abib 15, is the feast of Unleavened Bread.  Remember how fast the Israelites had to flee from ancient Egypt, with no time  to bake fresh

Bread?  How Great is our God! 

     Then in Levititus 23:9-14 Gpd appointed to Israel the Feast of Firstfruits.  This Holy Day was appointed to occur on the day after the


weekly Sabbath.  Folks, that day would be SUNDAY, the same day the Lord Jesus came forth from the tomb in 30 A.D.  The inspired Word explicitly refers to the Lord as the “firstfruits” of the resurrection twice in 1 Corinthians 15:20-23.  Dear readers, it is grammatically and Scripturally incorrect to label anything as “firstfruits” unless there are more “fruits” to be gathered.  This truth is exactly stated in 1 Corinthians 15:23.  Just as Christ arose from the dead on “the morrow” following the weekly Jewish Sabbath day, so they that are Christ’s” are to be raised “at His coming.”  

     Dear readers, in 30 A.D., following the crucifixion of Christ, the Jewish Sabbath Day occurred on Abib 17, the third day after Passover on Abib 14.  Just as the Jewish Sabbath day was ending and the first day of the week was beginning, the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead, and on the morning of Abib 18 He appeared to His disciples.  Glory to God! 

     Leviticus 23: 10-11 on the Feast of Firstfruits, the Jewish priest was to take a “sheaf” [not one, but many] “of the firstfruits of your harvest,” lift it into the air and wave it.  Now what could that possibly represent or typify except the resurrection of all true believers in Christ?   Glory to God! Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah! 

     Now let’s look at an affirmation of this very truth.  In Romans 6:5 we read,

     “For if we have been planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection.” 

      Dear readers, there are two events in the life of every true believer that exactly fit this description given in Romans 6:5. 

     One is the baptism of a true believer.  Baptism is a public confession of a true believer’s faith in Christ.  In Scriptural baptism, a true believer is BURIED beneath the surface of the water, just as the Lord was buried in the tomb.  And when they arise out of the water, they are publicly  


portraying their faith in the risen Christ, and that they too will one day rise again, when our Lord comes for us.  Glory to God!    

     The second event is the actual death and burial of a true believer. 

In dying and being buried, every true believer portrays the death and burial of the Lord Jesus.  But at the time of the dead believer’s resurrection, they come forth in “the likeness” of the Lord’s resurrection. 

      This is why every believer will burst forth into singing at the time of the resurrection and rapture.  As the dead in Christ come forth from their graves, they will be singing, “O grave, where is your victory?” 

     But as the living in Christ are “caught up,” they will be singing, “O death, where is thy sting?” for they will have never been “stung” by the angel of death. 

      Read these truths  for yourself in 1 Corinthians 15:54-55.

     But don’t fail to notice, that if we believer receive Romans 6:5 as literal truth, then WHEN are we going to be resurrected and raptured? 

The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on Passover, the 14th day of Abib, and then was resurrected just as the 17th day of Abib was ending, and the 18th day of Abib was beginning; “the morrow after the Sabbath;”  the Holy Day of Firstfruits.  Glory to God!


     Dear readers, both the Jewish year of 5780, and the Gentile year of 2020, testify to them being the years of “redemption” for the people of God.  “20” is the Bible number signifying “redemption.”  Add up the numbers in 5780 and they add up to “20,” which is also the number of the year in which we Gentiles are living.   So the numbers in the Jeish calendar and the number in our Gentile calendar gives us three “20’s.”  It is not just “coincidence” that “3” is the Bible number signifying the “resurrection or rapture.”  Hello!

     The Lord Jesus explicitly prophesied that just preceding His coming



again, there would be “wars and rumours of wars,”  racial disturbances,  famines, pestilences, and earthquakes, all over the earth.  Now have our readers heard anything about wars in the Middle East, and rumours of more extensive wars?  Have we seen any clashes between people of different races and cultures?  Are we aware of any famines, either taking place right now, or looming in the future?  Do any of our readers like grasshoppers for pets?  Do we hear anything about the current “pestilence;” the Coronovirus?  Only 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I am about ready to stop even turning the TV on to get any news.  Are any earthquakes occurring anywhere in the world?  Only every single day!  Your city, town, or living area may be next! 

     The Lord Jesus said that all of these things would be “the beginning of sorrow.”  Not the end!  The “beginning!”  And they are here! 

     The Lord Jesus also said, “And when these things begin to come pass, then look up, and lift your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. 

     Well dear readers, we are here!  We have arrived!  If you really are a true believer then stop your mocking and ridiculing, and trying to find fault, with those who are obediently and faithfully  trying to sound the trumpet of warning, Isaiah 58:1. 

     Dear readers, Abib is in the Spring of the year.  We are living in the Spring of the year as I write.  Solomon was inspired of God to explicitly say that there would be a rising” and a “coming away” in the Spring of the year.  This correlates exactly with the resurrection and the rapture. 

The first day of Abib this year occurred YESTERDAY on March 26th.  This means that PASSOVER, Abib 14, will occur on Wednesday, April 8th.  Then three days after Passover this year, the day Christ arose on Abib 17, will occur on Saturday,April 11th.   Is it just more “coincidence” that the days of the week for Passover and Firstfruits this year come in the exact same


order as they did the week Christ was crucified and arose in 30 A.D.?  Our readers better give this some serious thought before they answer.  I have, and all the evidence I have considered points to the Lord’s coming to resurrect and rapture His people to glory on Abib 17, which this year is

April 11th.   

     Dear readers, you have my message.  The Lord know that it has been a “labor of love” on my part, for those who will read the message and take heed, for I can barely see my computer screen, and have written every word of this study  using a magnifying glass to write.   

     Now what the reader does with this study is between them and the Lord.  I would like to meet every reader in the rapture, or at the table of our Lord  in Heaven in just


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I am not adding my usual contact information, for there isn’t enough time left to be concerned with correspondence by postal mail. 

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