TH (26 March 2017)

                                    🎶     A TROLLING WE WILL GO    🎶

Have you noticed all the negative comments from "trolls" on vids w/ a Christian msg.?
Such vitriol....  I've often thought of typing up something and letting 'em have it, right between the eyes. (where there seems to be a lot of space)  I'm not on FB or's far
Too late for that. Nobody wants to believe the TRUTH at this point anyway, and the
H.S. hasn't led me to respond. When JESUS said to "Love one another",  who was
HE talking to?  I believe, HE was talking to those who Love HIM, and wants those
that do, to Love others that Love HIM as they Love themselves. NOT (ex.) the Jewish
Leaders of HIS day.  HE called them vipers and sons of satan.  Not much Love there.
The Jewish leaders were convinced of their own righteousness and therefore they
were totally un-acceptive of HIS.  Also the woman who "begged for scraps"(even
puppies were allowed)  HE referred to her as a "dog".  Again, where's the Love ? So,
I believe, it goes w/ these trolls. I also believe the "Love one another" advisement has
been hi-jacked to distort the True meaning of JESUS' Words and to whom HE was
referring. Guilt for not "Loving" the un-lovable.  Now, if one of these people were to
come forward, in true repentance, it would certainly be a different story.  THEN...
they would be embraced and ultimately Loved. Before that ? Uh uh !  I can't help
thinking when I see these vicious comments, that in a very short time, these people
will be screaming in hell, so what ever they say is completely irrelevant. We don't really
care WHAT they say.  Ironically, the one person that really does love them, they don't
believe exists.  Remarkable !  and sad.  The "Prophetic" year of 2012 seems to have
passed w/o any noticeable change, but I heard tell of a Theory that has a ring of Truth
about it, if you take the time to look around and connect the dots. That year seems to
have been a "turning point" where in the attitudinal outlook of those entering their
teens starting in 2012,  have what this Theory reports as being a "Genetic" change.
Even going so far as to imply that it was/is "super-natural" (I read that, as of then,
satan enjoyed an increase in his ability to deceive the "now" simplified minds)  I
know that sounds "far out",  but the "mass" delusion we see being carried out by the
mis-guided youth on College Campuses all over the MSM, it does give one pause to at least         consider that there might be a super-natural" element to it.  They CAN'T all be
that doesn't make any sense, yet we are witnessing it. I think we are seeing
the actual "giving them over to a strong delusion" (para.).   Soo... we have BEGUN the
the REAL End Times..and the "trolls" are satan's disciples unwittingly putting forth his word.
  They now,....have a more willing audience,............and they are on the increase !
                          New fertile ground for his lies,....among the lilies of ignorance.

                                              MARANATHA !

                                                       T H