TH (26 March 2017)
"We am.....C L O S E  !"

                                        We am.....C L O S E  !

       Yes indeedee !  We ..IS CLOSE !   U Can FEEL IT, Can't ya ?  If you don't "see it"...
YOU ARE ASLEEP !   Shame on you !  Just listen to the MSM...they are in league w/
the lucifarians.  Me Me Me people.  The Rudest, Crudest, Lewdest, generation yet to
to appear on the "scene" in American history.  Who are these people ?  Victims ?
Maybe, but that doesn't excuse them. They're willfully embracing the "new age" LIE .
Why do they do this ?  THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE !  They want to get to
where the LYING MSM media tells them should be.  🎼 FUN, FUN, FUN, till your Daddy
takes your LIFE AWAY🎼 !   Can we reach them ?  Uh, Uh, they don't wanna be reached, They're having a GOOD TIME.  Some are even being paid to riot and destroy stuff
........and the MSM is right there w/ their cameras  to give them all the publicity
they seek. They, all, would sell their souls to be on TV.  And they have !  Cheaply !
Fools !  MEGA FOOLS !  Meanwhile, satan is laffing his a-- off, cuz he's winning.
These people would collapse w/o their electronic "thumb sucks"....the Giants will
find them to be the tastiest of snacks. (and the easiest to find, as they wonder around
in their dazed and confused state of mind, wondering what is happening to their World) If you need even further proof of their delusion, just look at the people they
idolize. Listen, if you can, to the words of their "music" that holds them spell-bound.
Look at the lives their idols lead....Caligula Lives ! Again !  The absolute decadence these "idols"spew,  tell you all you need to know about the values they embrace.
And the "know nothings" lap it up.  It then defines them, becoming part of their
Mores.  If it "Feels Good, Do It"!  This generation can't blame the on the adults,
there has never been so many options. (and free stuff)  It seems almost none of them
realize that JESUS has everything they are looking for.  So Sad !  This decadence is
re-enforced by the herd mentality. "Everybody is doing it" Like the old adage..50 Mil.
People can believe a LIE, and it's STILL a LIE.  There has been a recent "high" point
"Sign" of this evil trend, the introduction and the sensationalizing of Canibalism (s/p)
Hollywood is at the forefront, leading the tares into the Fire. Singing and dancing, all
the way. (burping?)  Kuru, ( GOD'S built-in deterrent ) will be the next plague.  Like
STD is for sexual sin. There is a lot of serious talk that HRC has it, which fits, if the
rumors about her participating in satanic rituals eating li' kids, are true.  Can you
imagine being on the White House kitchen staff if she had been elected ?  And the
"snowflakes" worship her, while she in turn, worships the "entity" that put her in
front of America. Thank GOD she was defeated !  America came VERY close to
Falling off the Cliff though.    For the sake of our little ones even,  COME JESUS !

                                                        MARANATHA !

                                                                T H