Sandy (26 March 2017)
"Dream of Kong - the King's return"

Hi Bro. John and Doves,

I have a dream I would like to share which I believe is from the Lord. The night before receiving this dream  I had an incident (night awakening) involving a spiritual attack which I fought off.  Usually when this occurs I receive a dream or night vision within the next few days. The night of the dream the  atmosphere in the bedroom when I went to sleep was strong with the Spirit’s presence. At one point I  felt the Spirit move through my body literally like a surge or wave of electrical power and all I could do was praise Him in the Spirit. 

In the morning after  re-counting the dream to my husband he told me to my amazement  that a  Kong movie (“Kong: Skull Island – The Rise of the King”) had just been released on March 10th.  I had no idea of the movie’s release (I’m not in their viewing demographic - LOL.) I never watch TV, but do watch YouTube ministries and news reports.  My husband who's in IT had  only recently seen a write up about the movie on in reference to their use of CGI technology.  This was the dream:

King Kong Dream of Sunday 3/19/17 (early morning)

The dream begins with me being in an older urban area of red brick 2-3 story buildings (built around turn of 20th century). It is an entertainment, restaurant and shopping district and there was a lot of celebrating, partying going on.  In the distance I could see a newer suburban residential community.  I mention to some of the people in the crowded area around me that I had a dream about King Kong arriving. They ignore me. One of the individuals was a wealthy neighbor lady (She was a prolific shopper with her own personal concierge at Saks.) that used to live next to my parents in New Orleans (one of her three homes). She was showing me an expensive, but  very gaudy looking sweater she had purchased for a man whom I understood was a homosexual.  Time advances yet it is still daylight.  I see in the distance looking above the residential neighborhoods two army choppers flying in the air with a large net draped in between them. I see Kong’s body laid out prone in the net and he appears still or tranquilized. However I then notice that he gets up and steps off the net.  He begins to move through the residential neighborhood destroying everything in his way. I understood he was headed towards the urban area we were in. The dream now turns to night time. I tell as many as I could that they needed to be still and stop the partying, commotion and noise, as it would attract Kong. I understand that he is literally upon us.  I mention that there is no way to anticipate to which specific building   Kong will go, but that he would be drawn to the revelry. I advise them to go inside, turn off the lights and pray to God in repentance  for their protection. END

Interpretive Notes:

 We decided to watch the movie trailers.  These are some interesting lines in the trailers:

 “This planet doesn't belong to us. Ancient species owned this earth long before mankind.”

 “Kong (is) god on the island but the devils live below us.” 

“We (military) have to teach this thing that man is king."

I believe Kong represents the return of our King Yeshua.  The movie sub-title “The Rise of the King”  reinforces this.  In my dream Kong appears “dead” in the net suspended in the air by the two military choppers. This symbolizes the death of our Lord at the hands of Rome - the military power of the day.  However Kong arises and appears quite alive symbolic of our Lord’s resurrection. I first see Kong high in the air representing our Lord's appearing in the clouds to His own.  However the  partygoers could not see what I was seeing in the distance. Kong is destroying homes in the outer suburbs (birth pangs), but the city partygoers ignore the watchman’s warning. This symbolizes people today who refuse to acknowledge that the weather cataclysms, mass animal die-offs,  space anomalies etc.   we are seeing  are God’s warning shots or birth pangs.  Time progresses from day and turns into night  indicating judgment and the completion of all things  was now at hand.  John 9:4 While it is daytime, we must dot the work of Him who sent Me,  Night is coming, when no one can work. In the dream Kong was literally upon “us”.  Kong reaches the city and begins to destroy all that is ungodly e.g. materialism, consumerism, homosexuality and debauchery. I represent the remnant Bride who is allowed to minister to mankind during these judgments. I try to save as many as possible by my pleas that they go inside, remain hidden and pray. Read Isaiah 26:20-21 Come, my people, enter into your rooms And close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while until indignation runs its course. For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed And will no longer cover her slain.

Although not referenced in the dream directly  it is interesting to note the movie’s reference to ancient species inhabiting this earth before “Adam”.  Many watchman believe that the great deception will perpetuate the myth that “Ancient species (who) owned this earth before mankind”  are our benevolent creators. There are also numerous Biblical references (locusts and horsemen of Revelation 9) regarding the release of demonic hordes or the  “devils (that) live below us”) from within the bowels of the earth to punish the inhabitants of the earth during the time of Jacob’s trouble.   

Hope it blesses and comforts all you Doves who are anxiously longing for His appearing. 


Sandy :)