Jan J (26 March 2017)
"A Voice  3.25"

Mar. 25, 2017
I was napping earlier and suddenly heard a man's voice...in my 'outer' ears.  This happened at 12:50 my time.  He said my name quite loudly and as a question:  "Janice?" I jumped out of bed and started looking in other rooms.
Then I realized it was either the Lord or an angel. The
voice was moderately low, not deep and had authority but was kind.
So I lay down again and waited in case there was more, as a message, but didn't get that, but received an impression in my spirit that He was wanting my attention because He's going to be taking me home very soon and was just letting me know that the rapture is very near, and it was like a 'head's up.'.....to be ready.
This experience gave me great joy. Never have I heard
with the outer ears before, as if He's in the house with
me.  He does speak to my spirit quite often.
Jan J