Ibalog (26 March 2017)
"" The Dragon gets ANGRY ,but  the  Doves will not be touched!""


REV 12;4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven [meteors] and threw them to the earth, And the dragon[Satan] stood before the woman[THE BRIDE] who was "ready" to give birth [this is the real born-again time] , to devour her Child- [ her Child is the good seed ]- as soon as it was born,-----This is the way I've been shown. The Dragon is going to try to destroy us 'Doves' by throwing fiery rocks from the sky at us hoping to kill us before we are caught up [raptured]. This will take place "I believe" around the time of the sign of rev. 12 appearing in the sky 9/23/17. The rapture will take place just before the 'barrage of stones' hits earth, so now we have a rapture time-frame. This will not be good if you are left behind. NO SIN is worth the judgments that you will face if your NOT taken, call upon the name of Jesus he will save you because he Loves you!---- I want to share a story with you to further illustrate my point, when I was a kid my friend tried to prank me by getting me wet with a pail of water, I ducked and he got wet, I ran because he was angry. I grabbed my bike and he "threw pebbles at me" from his driveway and missed me as I went safely home. Get the picture! Bob and I forgot about it the very next day. It's also true that Satan tried to kill the head of the church 'Jesus Christ'  when he was born, but the 'book of revelation' was written to show us prophecy of what is yet to come,"Things that must shortly come to pass". Thank Jesus for this book of revelation. My friends he is in full control!!