Gerry Almond (26 March 2017)
"Simply put, it is now time to become serious about the rapture and here is why"

March 25, 2017

Simply put, I believe that the time for the rapture of the ready ones has come. It is after the Spring equinox and before Easter that I believe that it will occur. The proof of it involves Scripture alone.

Simply put, if one knows the significance of the prophectic nature of the Song of Solomon, one then has the key to understanding the parables of Matthew 13, 25, and the Church age messages of the last two Churches, Philadelphia and Laodicea of Revelation 3.

Simply put, if one will believe it, one has the key to the season of the rapture. Stars, moons, suns, and all such aside, take a look at the flowers, birds, figs and grapevines. This longed for rapture will come in the Springtime of some year, and according to many watchers, that year is to be 2017. If so, we are now in that season.

Simply put, once the year is known, a window for the rapture can be established. Not a day or hour, of course, but a season time frame. The season covers the following:

> the winter is past
> the rain is over and gone.
> the flowers appear on the earth
> the time of the singing of birds is come
> the voice of the turtle(dove) is heard in Israel
> the fig tree puts forth green figs
> the vines with tender grapes give a good smell

This may take a period of a few weeks to accomplish. Somewhere in these weeks the event should occur.

Simply put, after His resurrection from the dead, Jesus remained on earth for forty days and He appeared to many alive. He passed through solid doors and walls, yet had solid substance when need be. He was, in a sentence, in His glorified body, such as we shall have one day. Also, many of the dead arose and were seen of many in Jerusalem after His resurrection. This was a kind of first fruits in the time of the Feast of First Fruits.

Simply put, there are only two church ages of the seven that still have living members. These two are Philadelphia and Laodicea. Philadelphia is beloved of the Lord and ready to meet Him at His coming while Laodicea is “in the world, worldly” and not ready to meet Him at His coming. Philadelphia is represented by five virgins with lamps and oil, ready. Laodicea is represented by five virgins with lamps and no oil and therefore not ready. Some believe that the Laodicea Church will be recovered during forty days after the rapture of her sister, the Philadelphia Church. After all, both of these are part of the Shulamite virgin girl of the Song of Solomon, who along with the five prior Churches comprise the Bride of Christ. This first group will be raptured away while the seond will be left behind to be refined in the fires of tribulation, just as Jesus warned in the gospels.

Simply put, signs and wonders have been appearing all over the place as predicted by the Scriptures. The signs included a face of Jesus in the clouds (behold, He cometh with clouds) exactly at the moment of the Spring equinox at dawn March 20, 2017. Also, a “hand of God” appeared at the same time. The Spring equinox began the signs given in the Song of Solomon chapter 2 and verses 10 through 13 related to the rapture.

Simply put, when the childred of Israel were to be released from Babylon's captivity after seventy years in bondage, Daniel, the prophet, knew the exact day. It did not happen on that day, but was delayed for twenty one full days due, the heavenly messenger said, to the fierceness of the war in heaven, especially trying to prevent the heavenly messengers' journey to Daniel to effect the release. This delay was known of God Almighty, Who did not overrule Satan as the war raged.

Simply put, I fully expect a repeat of this delay time again, right now, inasmuch as the rapture is a deliverance from captivity for Philadephia, the same as it was for ancient Israel back then. I also expect that delay to begin on the Spring equinox, the first day of the signs given in the Song of Solomon. In that case, from March 20 through April 9 will be the delay time. April 10 is the Passover and may be the day of our rapture.

Simply put, many watchers have seen three days of darkness just prior to sudden destruction that is said to occur at the same time that the rapture occurs. In that event, the most likely time for the rapture is the day of the Feast of First Fruits, April 13. That day is on Thursday, a day given to a poster on Five Doves named Charles, several years ago in a vision. He was adamant in his receiving the day of Thursday as rapture day, but he did not know which Thursday.

Simply put, there are twenty four time zones on earth, and there are also two days at all times. It is therefore impossible to find either the day or hour for any event in advance. Because of this, even if the date were known, one could not know the day or hour for himself or herself.

Simply put, this leads one to the conclusion that we will be taken around Easter time, a message given to two other watchers just recently. It makes sense to me. The Lord is calling for dedicated prayer now, for cleansing of the Body of Christ in anticipation of the rapture, and for total commitment to Him. “My sheep know My voice, and they follow Me”, Jesus said.

Simply put, it is time to put away the things of the world, rededicate ourselves to obedience in all matters of faith, and to follow whereever the Lord leads. Pray without ceasing, witness where we can, and look up, for our redemption draws nigh. And if it is not now, it is very soon anyway.


Gerry Almond