Fay (26 March 2017)
"Ibalog - re Tribulation"

Hi there Ibalog,

I wanted to flag up your post from last week to make a point. I understand that you don't believe tribulation has started and the reasons why. Scripture and prophecy is Middle East specific. It only affects us 1st worlders when scripture SPECIFICALLY refers to us. Otherwise, it's all centred on the Middle East. If you lived there, as a Christian or a Jew, you'd be screaming " TRIBULATION " from the rooftops. It's been a shocking few years for them. Diabolical. Try to look at things from an Middle East perspective and then thank God Almighty you weren't born there or live there. We, in the West, have been cushioned thus far. We can bleat about Obama, Blair et al. We can wring our hands at terrorist attacks and tut about the inconvenience it causes to our cushty lives. But - we have NO idea what it's like to live permanently in the thick of things. Make no error - tribulation is here. What we await is Great Tribulation. We won't be here - thank the LORD God Almighty. Remember the scripture that tells us that great tribulation will suddenly come upon us on an ordinary day? People buying and selling - marrying and giving in marriage? Please think about it.

God's Blessings