Doug L (26 March 2017)
"To Eaglet (19 March 2017) - Regarding Stephen The Rapture and The tribulation"

"Why is Stephen not raptured in this case if he is full of the Holy Spirit? What makes us more special than Stephen, for us not to go through the Tribulation?  Stephen did not ascended in to Heaven. He just fell asleep, only the spirit, the breathe of life is the one that returned to God."

My answer -
Stephen lived in a time when the rapture was yet a future event. He lived and died filled with The Spirit as many believers have since then. Many have died natural deaths and many from persecution and martyrdom - all according to God's plan for their time in life. The Church Age had begun with the martyrdom of Stephen but it will end with The Rapture of Christ's Bride to Heaven. Understand this - it is Jesus who will decide who His Bride is - not us. He is coming for those who are pure, spotless, blameless and without wrinkle. The Bride are all those who listen and obey to "Come out from her" and be separated from Apostasy. She makes herself ready to meet her Lord. She is filled with The Spirit. This notion that ALL - clean or dirty, holy or unholy, faithful or unfaithful and obedient or disobedient will be raptured is WRONG. Only those whom Jesus chooses are His Bride - He sees their hearts if they are ready or not. We are to obey His commands to "GET READY." We are to repent, be holy, endure, overcome and wait - ready for His return at any moment. All Christians who are not raptured are still saved but will be "made ready" or refined through the fires of Tribulation which could mean martyrdom until The Lord's return to rule and reign on the Earth.  Hope this helps - let me know. 
YBIC - Doug
Read the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation 2,3
Study the parables about the ten virgins and the faithful servant