Clay Cantrell (26 March 2017)
"Certain Numbers Tied to Bible Books, More Examples"

Interested Readers - 

I've written many times before about certain numbers being associated with specific books of the Bible. Here are two more strong examples, and I must admit I just stumbled on these.

Example One using the number


You can go here to verify:

There are six verses in the Bible with a total gematria of 2266 and three of them are in Jeremiah!

Jeremiah 16:17

Jeremiah 18:7

Jeremiah 50:8

That's amazing! It means that Jeremiah and the number 2266 are locked together! It is the design of God!

50% of the verses are in a specific book.


Example Two using the number


Again, I just stumbled on this.only 

You can go here to verify:

There are only three verses in the Bible with a gematria total of 7113, and two of them are the book of Hebrews!

Hebrew 6:14

Hebrews 12:20

Again, this is amazing. 66% of the verses are in a specific book!

This means that when God wrote His Book, he locked 7113 and the Book of Hebrews together!


Bible books have certain over arching themes, and these numbers represent those themes...somehow. Not unlike the vision of the Heavenly Library in my testimony on the Five Doves home page in which I saw colored ribbons wrapped around certain Bible books and those colors represented prevalent themes in those books. It's the same with these numbers.

Hopefully in Heaven we will understand these wonders, and praise Him further!

Jesus is Lord.