Tina Abrams (19 March 2013)
"To Firecharger"


Your video on the new Pope was so good ! I was just reading Rev. 17 last night and you brought out some things in your video that made all the mystery's sense. Thank you.  I wanted to tell you that , that was hilarious what you found to be Gods sense of humer about the pronunciation of Jorge in Spanish. I laughed so hard. God is so clever. Years ago we were in a Spanish church and they were all singing a song that said Jesus over and over and a lady in front of me I swear kept singing ZEUS instead of singing the "HEY" for the "J" in Jesus name and Inside I kept thinking," stop lady, the devil is laughing." So yes, there is a play on words . That wasn't funny though. But it is real and just like you said for Obamas name meaning.  Just the name Obama always sounds like Aboma-nation to me. Also, It all made sense that the Scarlett /purple clothed, woman, the horror ( Roman Catholic church ) would ride the beast and it will turn on her and destroy her it says in Rev. 17, after alittle while in Power of the 8th king hmmmmm ? That all made sense to me now.  I am going to watch them closely.
Lets pray for Benjamin Net. this next week as he meets with Obama and the whole world is closing around Israel. He needs strength and wisdom from the God of Abraham ,Issac and Jacob ,his forefathers. Our heavenly Father.

Tina Abrams