Susan Waigwa (8 March 2013)
" Time is Running Out."

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Time is Running Out.

It seems that the only thing to report from this part of the world is terrorism, wars, andlikely coming wars.There is alsothe possibility of a new Intifada as the Palestinians seem to be feeling neglected with other Muslims obtainingall the front page coverage around the world. But there is new hope for them. Obama is coming to rescue them by making sure that he puts plenty of pressure on Netanyahu at a time when he is having a hard time putting together a new coalition in forming a new government.

It is being said here in Israel that Obama is coming with new demands for Israel to set dates for the creation ofa Palestinian State. The fact that Hamas and Fatah (the PA) refuses to accept the existence of Israel in any form [much less a Jewish State] means nothing to Obama. Most military date-setters are now saying war will break out this Spring. Well, it is spring now,so should we be holding our breath? I don't think so. Yet we should be informed and as ready as we possibly can be regardless of where we are.

Iran still believes that Israel and the US are bluffing when it comes to military action. To make things more complicated North Korea has just threatened to send a nuke or two to the US. Russia and China are telling the US to stay away from Syria and putting ina lot of muscle in the form of warships along the Syrian Coast. At the same time Obama is cutting backthe US military and bringing allthe aircraft carriers back to the US. Putting them all together in one place to make it easy for the enemy to destroy them. Anything that Obama can do to destroy the fighting ability of the US military he will do -and he has already done terrible damage to their morale by legalizing homosexuality in the ranksand allowingwomen to beon the front line in combat positions.

He has now appointed men and women in key positions who are pro Arab and pro Muslim along with being unfriendly to Israel. But we can't blame everything on Obama.The Senate, dominated by theDemocrats, have done their best to assist.

It's hard to imagine this world without the US as a superpower, but we might as well get used to the idea because Obama has plans -and they are right on track. And it seems no one can stop him. His past lifestyle, associations, place of birthand hidden records don't seem to have any effect on the majority of those who voted for him. It is as ifthere is some kind of mind control that has taken over thethinking of Democrats.

As important as the US is, not only to Israel but for the sanity and peace of the whole world, there is something more important to one who has been called to save Jewish lives.Visions of the Holocaust continue to flash backreminding me that most of my family were murdered in Dachau by the same spirit that is today living in the Islamic terrorists. For as bad as it is in the US most of Europe is experiencing greater unemployment, Islamic violence and crime. Jews in most of Europe are livingunder adaily threat to their lives and well-being. Many are moving to Israel -yet many find that impossible, or they think it is impossible at this time, and will need to be rescued for there is no doubt that another Holocaust is on the horizon throughout all of Europe.

Our 60 foot Gullet goes back into the water in a few days, it has beenin dry dock having work done on the hull and replacing rotten wood around the boat making it more seaworthy for rescue service in the very near future. Our expenses are very high as isour need to make more contacts and communications in important places with the right people around the Mediterranean. If the war holds off a while longer we need to take advantage of this time and our funds are very low, I am asking you to pray asking God what He would have youdo for this ministry.

The Islamists in Europe have been very busy over the past few years poisoning the minds of the youth, the skin-heads and other Jew haters, and I want you to watch this short video to see how successful they have been. Islam means "submission" and that submission is brought aboutby fear. What you are about to see is how these young men and women can be provoked to hate Jews without ever havingknown a Jew.

To watch this very important video please CLICK HERE.

As you know, we make many trips to Turkey, and the Greek Islands and it is now more important than ever for these trips to be madeand communications to be set up and the right people to be in place. We need to hear from you.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

Jerry Golden


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