Steve Mullin (8 March 2013)
"Rabbi Glazerson, Elijah, Passover & the Rapture"

Hey all,
Last year as Passover approached, the bible code about the jewish year 5772 (which was 2012) had the words "redemption", "elijah", and "passover" all encoded together. As a fellow watcher I was really excited to read that and posted about it on this site and others. Of course it didn't happen and I was let down. I find it hard to believe that the encoded words were an "accident"--mathematically it just can't happen. Then I reasoned that maybe it was "second passover" 30 days later which was designated in scripture for those who were unclean because of the touching of a dead body or those (us) who were on a far journey (earth and not heaven). I emailed the rabbi and never heard back and it was really a letdown for me and I'm sure many others. So today I wanted to revisit the issue to see if there was something I was overlooking and below the video on youtube in the comments section was surprised to find that the rabbi responded to someone 2 months ago saying that because of the flood, the year was 1 year off....which could mean that this would be the year. So could it actually happen this month? Seems to line up with a lot of other stuff that will be happening. Here is the link:
Hope we're out of here soon.
Steve Mullin