Sara B (8 March 2013)
"Five Doves Anniversary...."


Happy Anniversary.  We feel honored to be a participant in this website.
Liz T,
The only regret that we have regarding Five Doves is that we didn't find this site sooner!  We have been so blessed to find other watchers and it's comfort to know that we are not the only ones watching and waiting.
Most of the posts have been from wonderful, kind people. The ones that aren't so nice, well they need to move on.  John has done a fabulous job and we know it's a lot of hard work and very time consuming to keep this site up and running.
Besides prayer for John and his family, if anyone can come up with a way to Bless him in a tangible way, we are all for it.
Looking forward to meeting all of the Doves in the air...soon and very soon!
Sara B & The Prayer Warriors
Thanks, Sara!