Ruby (8 March 2013)
"Re: 21 or 22/ dream/ What time does Jesus come?"

In my dream it was late in the afternoon when the angels came to my door.  Jerusalem is 9 hours ahead from where I am.  Israel also has daylight savings time.  They switch on March 29 2013.  So <maybe> in the parable (Matt. 25) where he tarries (is late) and at midnight the cry is heard, maybe that's Israel-time, literally.    Then at Luke 17 -- a couple is in the bed (we assume nighttime) and elsewhere two are in the field, and two grinding at the mill (we assume daytime), and one is taken.  So, could this be a worldwide event that happens virtually simultaneously, taking into account the various time zones? 
Can anybody else correlate this idea with a dream or vision that they have seen?
Thanks, Ruby

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I myself have been seeing the number 22 for several years.   I do have to say though, that this started after a friend I knew started seeing his birthday on clocks, on the internet all the time (his bday 7-17).   I guess that triggered something in me, I started seeing 22 everyday or near everyday (which is part of my bday).    It has only been in the last year that I have seen 11:11 just a few times.  I see the 11:11 as interesting and an oddity but I don't see that as significant.  
It's funny, I have a friend whose bday is 6-22 and the spouse's is 3-22.
I did have a dream some years back (May 2006) about two angels (men who appeared to be brothers or twins) showing up at my door wanting to know if I wanted to be part of the Christmas program.  This was right after a lady left our house (who was supposed to settle a child care bill with us, but instead tried to steal food out of our house).  It seemed to be late in the afternoon (just after work, at least for some people).  It was dusky outside (not sunny at all, it was twilight), and cold (like snow was coming?) when these people knocked on the door.  As soon as I said Yes to the men, other men in white tshirts and jeans came into my furniture-less home and started carrying church pews in (just one or two, I don't remember which).  Then it instantly switched to a very large mountain cabin.  There was a large lodge room with high ceiling.  The interior was under construction.  Several people were there.  Several were nailing these brand new, beautiful wooden church pews into the cement floor.  Other people were preparing to lay carpet.  Others were preparing a wedding trellis, putting greenery and flowers on it.   Above the trellis hung colored banners from the ceiling (solid colors) -- rainbow, plus white. 
I looked up into the high windows and knew that somehow I was in a high mountain location.  It was sunny but still had that crisp feel (which, mountain tops have cooler temps). 
then I saw a person carry in a golden menorah (don't ask  how many branches, I don't know).
In real life the next day I went to the mountains to a church camp (a family friend invited us).  I drove up to the camp's entrance, and there were the colored banners!  (Missing one of the blue colors I think).   Wow!  I was floored!
Anyways, this was before I was taught anything pre/mid trib.   I am not ruling out that angels might take us up and set us down in protected places high up in the earth.   I had another dream also wherein I saw places (high, high, up in the mountains) covered in domes of light and the govt's planes would fly right over and not be able to see us.   These domes were such that we could see out, but they couldn't see in (cloaking).   Maybe these places were 1 dimension up (?) vibrating at a faster speed of light energy.