Ron Reese (9 March 2013)
"Red Alert--Defcon Warning, of a pending nuclear threat, has just been upgraded"

The DEFCON WARNING SYSTEM, on 3/7/13, upgraded their Warning, of a pending nuclear threat, to DEFCON 4--Condition Blue (see article below).  It appears this is mainly due to the recent North Korea threat.  I believe that DEFCON 5 is the highest warning.  It is interesting that North Korea is threatening to end their ceasefire armistice treaty with South Korea on March ELEVENTH, adding to the number of things that are happening on that date, which is ELEVEN days after the Pope resigned, and ELEVEN days before Mar. 22, a very possible Day of Destiny, Obama's last day in Jerusalem. 
The NWO elite are notorious for having important prophetic events take place on the ELEVENTH of a month, because this is a very occultic number.  The Papal Conclave, to usher in the likely False Prophet, is now scheduled to begin on March ELEVENTH.  Also, the announcement of the Pope's resignation was on Feb. ELEVENTH.  March ELEVENTH will be the two-year anniversary date of the 9.0 Japan Megaquake, catastrophic tsunami, and ongoing nuclear crisis.
Regarding the DEFCON WARNING being upgraded to DEFCON 4, let me remind you that, in my opinion, there will be NO Rapture, without the accompanied SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.  I believe the 2nd Seal is about to be opened, very possibly this month, with WAR, and the GREAT SWORD (nuclear weapons).  Russia, United States, China, Iran, North Korea, Israel, Syria, or a combination of these???
Revelation 6:4 says, "There went out another horse that was RED:  and POWER was given to him who sat thereon TO TAKE PEACE FROM THE EARTH, AND THAT THEY SHOULD KILL ONE ANOTHER:  and there was given unto him A GREAT SWORD (Nuclear weapons?)."
I am filled with anticipation, with extremely mixed emotions, because of what is almost certainly about to take place upon this unsuspecting earth.  THIS PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, by the New World Order elite, will be unlike anything our world has ever experienced, since the Great Flood.
BE READY!  THE BLESSED HOPE, THE RAPTURE (1st Thess. 4: 16--18), IS OUR ONLY ESCAPE FROM THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION (1st Thess. 5:3).  Is Jesus the LORD of your life?
Ron Reese


This is the DEFCON Warning System. Alert status for 8:15 P.M. Thursday, March 7th, 2013. Condition Blue. DEFCON 4. Condition Blue. DEFCON 4. Condition Blue. DEFCON 4.

There are currently no imminent nuclear threats against the United States at this time, however there are events occurring in the world theatre which require closer monitoring.

North Korea has announced that it will end the cease fire armistice with South Korea on Monday, March 11th, and has threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States in retaliation for new U.N. sanctions that have been imposed upon it.  While North Korea does not yet possess the capability of a nuclear ballistic missile launch, they are working toward that goal.  Additionally, the United States remains extremely vulnerable to a coastal attack from ships as well as from smuggled nuclear weapons due to its porous border.

Currently, both the United States (along with South Korea) and North Korea are engaged in war games. While North Korea routinely engages in bluster, the proximity of the two war exercises coupled with very high tensions increase the risk of conflict to a level where the DEFCON Warning System believes it is prudent to raise the alert level at this time. It should be noted that the DEFCON Warning System foresees no threat to the United States directly should conflict break out.

Additionally of note, there have been some unusual moves by North Korea. The drills North Korea is conducting are on a state-wide level and there are unconfirmed reports that they have also imposed no-fly zones off its coasts, prepartory for short range missile activity. In the state capitol, has been observed that the country has begun camouflaging vehicles and making other preparations for attack. This could all be part of the drills North Korea is undertaking, but the seriousness of the situation requires a more prudent approach.

The DEFCON Warning System is a private enterprise which monitors world events and assesses nuclear threats against the United States by national entities. It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the alert status of any military branch. The public should make their own evaluations and not rely on the DEFCON Warning System for any strategic planning. At all times, citizens are urged to learn what steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

If this had been an actual attack, the DEFCON Warning System will give radiation readings for areas that are reported to it. Your readings will vary. This system serves the Kettle Falls area of Northeast Washington. Official news sources will have radiation readings for your area.

For immediate updates, go to Breaking news and important information can be found on the DEFCON Warning System message board and on the DEFCON Twitter feed DEFCONWS. You may also subscribe to the YouTube channel DefconWarningSystem, Note that Twitter and YouTube updates may be subject to delays. The next scheduled update is 2 P.M. Pacific Time, March 28th, 2013. Additional updates will be made as the situation warrants, with more frequent updates at higher alert levels.

This concludes this broadcast of the DEFCON Warning System.

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