Rofa (19 March 2013)
"RE: Randy (18 March 2013) "The BIBLE TV series on the HIstory Channel......"confounding Hollywood"""

This message (translated to English) was in our Newspaper today.
It is nog too late yet. The Lord is using the series to open our eyes..


Consternation on Twitter yesterday when during the American tv series ‘The Bible’ on History Channel Satan came on screen. A lot people on Twitter thought that the resemblance with the American president Barack Obama was striking.

The actor who plays the devil, is the Moroccan Mehdi Ouazinni. Even the most neutral watcher could not deny the resemblance with Barack Obama. And also on Twitter a lot of people expressed their amazement.

One of the first people to remark the resemblance was the right-wing tv presenter Glenn Beck. He was followed by a succession of Twitterers.

The tv series ‘The Bible’ is unexpectedly very successfull in the US. Last Wednesday it had 13.1 viewers, that is more than the 12.8 viewers of ‘American Idol’. The series, produced by Mark Burnett, tells stories from the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. Burnett told the Entertainment Weekly that the series is blessed by ‘the hand of God’.

George W. Bush
The incident is reminiscent of an occurrence from the first series of the ‘Game of Thrones’(HBO). On a certain occasion there was a chopped off head on screan, which looked much like that of George W. Bush. It came to a point when HBO stopped the dvd sales and the sales on iTunes in order to straighten the ‘blunder’. The makers of the series made their excuse and emphasized that the head was no political statement, but just one of the requisitions.