Robert (19 March 2013)
"EMP Attack on the Way"

EMP Attack on the Way

It is March 18, 2013 and something is coming.

About 25 years ago I had a dream that was so vivid and so disturbing that I have never stopped thinking about it.

I dreamed that one evening while I was in my room at my house, I heard a loud explosion. I ran to the window to look at what happened and I saw that a jet airplane had crashed into a house about half mile down the road. But the odd thing was, the fire was blue and there was like blue electricity that was emanating from the crash site. As I stared at the blue lightning and fire, it seemed that the fire was starting to suck the houses across the street towards the fire. The houses were slowly sliding towards the fire and being consumed like a black hole sucking debris.

Iíve often thought about that dream since and have since come to the conclusion that it portends an EMP attack. I also believe that this attack will somehow drag the rest of the country into some sort of devastation or be the beginning of chaos that will quickly follow. The thing that I never understood though, was when?

Until yesterday.

A plane literally crashed into a house down the road, perhaps a mile away from where my family was renting a house. We moved away from there about three months ago, but none-the-less, it grabbed my attention like a brick falling on my head. It crashed into a house on Iowa street just outside the South Bend airport.

I believe that my dream is about to be fulfilled. For whatever reason, the Lord warned me what was coming and gave me the signal as to what would precede the attack so that I would know. Furthermore, I think perhaps the actual crash may contain a clue as to where the EMP attack is going to be centered, Iowa. The name of the street where the plane crashed was Iowa street. I think the terrorists are aiming for the American heartland.

My family moved away from South Bend and now Iím wondering if it was an act of God because that area is going to be impacted by the chaos that will ensue.

And this is the second dream that has come true in the last 30 days. About two years ago I had a dream that as I was driving in my car one night, I stopped at a red light and looked around. I looked at some people meandering about outside and I saw people started to get sucked into the ground. I was shocked and I looked up at the moon and it was full. Not only was it full but there was a moving spiral inside it. I instantly knew that God was allowing something big to happen.

Fast forward to today and twice in the past two weeks, the news has had stories about people getting sucked into sinkholes. I instantly thought of my dream and recognized that the sign I was told to look for has happened.  

Both dreams came true. Something is going to happen and very soon. If you are reading this, get right with God and spend alot of time in prayer.