Renee M (12 March 2013)
"Comet Pan-Starrs and Andromeda"


Found the following info on the internet about the Andromeda Constellation:
This constellation represents the betrothed or soon to be bride of Messiah Y’shua in bondage. As with the main constellation Pisces, Andromeda represents Israel either going into bondage, in bondage (in chains), or
coming out of bondage (when the chains are broken by the bridegroom).

The Bible speaks of the freeing of the woman (human spirit).

Revelation 12:16, And the earth helped the woman, and  the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

In mythology, the spirit is portrayed as the chained woman, Andromeda , who is offered as a sacrifice to the monster (the system), until Perseus swoops down from the sky to set her free.

ANDROMEDA-the chained WOMAN H-the chained; E-set up as queen

Comet Panstarrs will enter the Andromeda constellation on March 30, 2013. Is this one of the signs that the Lord told us to watch for? Does Comet Panstarrs represent Christ coming to set His Bride free and crowning her as His Queen?