Randy (6 March 2013)
"Tom Horn ------ Prophecy of the Zohar---pointing to a meeting of the "kings of the earth" in Rome, in Jewish Year 5773!"


Go to 19:30 and listen.... 
Why is this important?  Read Lauren's post from ONE YEAR AGO........calling for a

PAPAL CONCLAVE in Rome.....in?....  March 2013.....ONE YEAR AFTER HER POST! 


PS...on the way into work today, I asked God to "show me what I can be doing IF we are in the Last of the Last Days."  And ever since I read Gerlinda's post this morning:


I have been doing research on this all day.....  

I had never seen this Tom Horn Video.....not until today.....

Was THIS God's answer to me??  I hope so! 

PPS.....I have always known that MANY of the world's cultures, had End of the World Prophecies....