Randy (19 March 2013)
"for Mike curtiss.....  OBAMA Never said that quote on the Pipeline......"


The article is from a site called FREE REPUBLIC....and by their own discription it is:

Semi news / Semi Satire.

Now, I'm NO Obama fan......but if he had said that he'd be an idiot and it would have made the "real" news.


Be careful please.......  just cause it's on the internet does NOT make it true!


this was the quote from the article: 
President Obama elaborated on his argument against the Keystone Pipeline project by making the case that cheaper oil would not increase jobs in America.
“Let’s just consider one example,” the President suggested. “The portion of this oil that would go into fueling transportation would clearly have a negative impact on employment. Your typical motor vehicle engine has over 100 horse-power. That means if we didn’t have the means to fuel these engines we’d have to use 100 horses to achieve the same transportation result. Is there any question that breeding, raising, feeding, and housing 100 horses would employ more people than tending to one motor vehicle?”