Randy (14 March 2013)
"How incredible and diverse are God's Created Creatures?  Check this out....ever hear of "Tardigrade?""

It blows my mind when I stop to think about all the various creatures God has created here on earth.
And, every now and then, something I did not know about comes to my attention.
I remember, some 30" years ago, in a scuba class in Chicago, seeing a photo of a Manatee and was amazed.....and wanted, one day, to dive/swim with them in Florida.  And it did come to pass.....as I moved to Florida, eventually had an old/cheap home on a canal on the east coast and did have my chance..
And this morning, on the NASA photo of the day, I saw this incredible photo that rather looked like a manatee so I stopped to read up on it.
Turns out, a Tardigrade is ONLY about .04 inches long.  What?  Look at the detail of this creature.  It has 4 sets of legs (8 total) ..... and what looks like a "scuba mask face!"   It can go for almost a DECADE without water, and still live !!  WOW!   The Russians even launched them into space a while back. What?  lol...
You know.....if I make a nice piece of furniture out of wood, I can sit and admire it with a certain amount of pride.
But then I think of what Jesus Christ made when He created the universe.......and I can be STUNNED to think about what HE has made....for HE made LIFE.  LIFE in such an abundant and diverse form, from the largest whales....to creatures even smaller than this Tardigrade.
I stand amazed........every day.
And I look forward....SOON, to meeting this Creator....face to face.
And I hope that one day......I/we get the chance to see ALL of His Creation...ALL THROUGHOUT the Universe.......  up close and personal....without the use of telescopes and microscopes.....