Paul H (21 March 2013)
"Sign of the Coming Lamb of God in the Heavens Now!"

Dear John and Doves,
This is a very interesting observation from Scott a RITANOW.

Sign of the Coming Lamb of God in the Heavens Now!

This amazing mega convergence event that is forming in the heavens above is most likely why Jesus told His followers to lift up our heads and watch for the main sign in the sky that would point to our redemption drawing close at hand!!!

Here it is:
The Sign of the Coming of The Lamb of God appearing in the Heavens among the seven celestial planetary candlesticks!!
Did you get that---The Sign of the Lamb of God is now forming in the group of seven planets along with the Sun and Moon in both the Pisces and Aires constellations; with some run over into the two other star groups called Aquarius and Andromeda!!
Notice that I did not say the Son of Man is appearing in the heavens! No! But the Sign of the Son/Lamb of God is appearing at this time in the heavens and He is using several close networked constellations to broadcast His message that He is on His way!!!
I am not talking about Comet Ison here! Though this comet does have a prophetic part to play later this year of Fall of 2013 that will fulfil another sign of the coming judgment during the tribulation period!
But the SIGN of the Son/Lamb of God is forming for March 2013 around this Passover feast and soon thereafter!!! Again the timing could not be any more perfect!
Now let me describe to you what this sign is and where it is located at in the constellations above!
First let me describe how I discovered this Son/Lamb of God Sign in the book of Revelation!
For a long time I had always believed that what John saw in his vision on the Lord's Day in Rev. 1:13-20 (Backwards 20-13) ; was made up of several unidentifiable astronomical signs--rather then just graphic physical details of the Lord Jesus Christ in all His glory among the seven golden lit candlesticks!
Here are some key words found between Re. 1:13-20 that makes one developing picture of a possible astronomical portrait in the heavens and constellations!!! Don't worry-this is not a lesson on the Gospel in the Stars--this event is forming now-and may not take place ever again for a long long time!!!
The Vision of Astronomical Signs:
1) Seven Golden Lampstands-and the Son of Man among them
2) His head of hair was white like white WOOL
3) His Eyes were as a flame of fire
4) His right hand held Seven Stars
5) Out of His mouth issued a sharp two-edged sword
6) His face was like the SUN shining in full strength (Face Only-this is important detail)
Well to my surprise it just so happens that all these descriptive details of the Son/Lamb of God are taking place above our heads in the four Constellations that tell pretty much the whole Redemptive Story of the Lamb of God and The end of the Church Age and the Global Release of the Chained Bride of Christ!!
The four constellations are Taurus, Pisces, Aries, and Andromeda--they all just happen to be grouped together to tell us what is going on in the whole plan of God during March 2013!!!
Let us take each detail listed above, that describes the sign of the Son/Lamb of God, and put them in layman's terms for all us amateur astronomers!
The Heavenly Signs of The Son/Lamb of God:
1) The Seven Golden lit candlesticks with the Son of Man among these group of planets and Sun and Moon!
Josephus described the planets plus the Sun as being represented by the seven candlesticks in the tabernacle-of course since his days we have discovered a few more in the heavens!!
During March 2013 there will be a gathering of 6 Planets plus the Sun in the Constellation of Pisces-don't try looking for them at night-they will be blocked out by the Sun's glare-since they are in close alignment with our main star!!
Mercury, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Uranus, Moon, I think Earth counts and if not I believe Neptune!! All these planetary orb candlesticks are appearing in the Piscean Constellation with one planet half way over in Aquarius next door!!
We all have learned that the Pisces constellation in the Gospel is the Fish Sign for the Church AGE- so now we have our seven planets plus the Moon and Sun in this Sign in the Heavens!!
2) His head of hair White Like WOOL--Did you spot the clue? WOOL!!
We all know that wool comes from lambs or sheep; and since the Lamb of God is a male adult lamb-He fits the constellation of the RAM(Adult Sheep) Aries--which is just to the left of the Pisces constellation.
This is the main sign of the Lamb of God-The full head of hair is just like the wool of a lamb---thus the Lamb of God!!!
3) Eyes were as a flame of fire-- We see also Taurus the Bull next to Aries the RAM (Male Adult Lamb); ) His two eyes glowing red with coming judgment-- The Planet Jupiter is in the place of one eye with its Red Spot for a pupil and the other the star Aldebaran (a common star of Taurus-the other Bulls-Eye!!-sorry for the pun)! Both glowing eyes reveal that the Judgment is near at hand even at the door!!!
The farmer waits for the fruit to get the first and last rains until harvest- James 5--This sign points also to the Passover spring Harvest!!
4) His Right Hand Had seven STARS-- To the Right of the constellation Aries (our left) is the SEVEN SISTERS-or Pleiades stars--also in the shoulders of the constellation of Taurus the Bull---Aries is holding these seven stars in his right hand in the constellation of the Bull!!
These seven stars also fit the description of the seven spirits of God; whereas the seven candlesticks convey the seven periods of church history --as a whole from the resurrection of Christ to the return of the Bridegroom.
5) Out of His mouth went a two-edged SWORD-leave it up to our creator's timing and planning to have this Comet Panstarrs make its course or path across the heavens --and brightening at just the right time as it gets nearest the Sun in the Pisces constellation-the Sun is also in this same constellation all through March 2013!
This Comet with its tail will actually sail past the Aries Son/Lamb of God as if it were flying like a sword out of its mouth!!! Don't rely to much on the picture from sky maps of these animal constellations they have changed over the centuries-but the general area is close to being accurate!!
Comets have a long tail and our known to be harbingers of judgment-it just so happens yesterday on March 13, 2013(3/13/13) -the Comet Panstarrs came closest to the Sun-the same day also when the new pope was chosen at the Vatican in Rome--of course this was just coincidence like the lightening striking the Vatican building twice just after the last pope announced he was resigning---about this new Pope-briefly, he may not be here long- if this is a true man of God he will come along with the rest of the believers at the soon rapture and in his place most likely will be that cardinal who was filling in for the former pope Benedict ; with his name of Bartone (Pedro) Peter!! This is a man to watch for--he holds the power to the Vatican-someone I hear said that if a pope is elected outside Italy they are not legally qualified to hold the office of pontiff-in other words this new pope may not officially qualify to be a pope because of being born outside Europe!! I am not sure about this and what the Vatican laws specify on electing a pope to office !!
Who knows-either way those prophecies of all the popes are outside the bible and are not scriptural by nature-so we can't really base doctrine on them-the bible prophecies never fail-all others are in doubt!!
Now where was I--Oh yeah--- Comets also are harbingers of destruction and they have been described in the ancient history as the sword of the Lord. Number 24:17; Isaiah 34: 5-6)!
Comet Panstarrs will be positioned in front of the Aries constellation between both Taurus and Pisces as the Sword of the Lord going forth from the Lamb/Son of God's mouth--during the month of March 2013!!
6) His "FACE" was as the SUN shining in full strength-it just so happens that at the end of March 2013 the SUN that was dwelling in the Pisces constellation will start growing stronger in the face part of the Aries Lamb/Son of God constellation-and by the middle of April 2013 the Sun will fully cloth the Aries Sign of the Lamb of God!!
Now that we have a full or almost complete picture in the heavens of the Sign of the Son/Lamb of God ; where is the Bride of Christ at in these signs; look no further!
Except look up and lift up your heads to see where COMET Panstarrs is headed at and will be located on March 30, 2013!!!
This Heralding Comet of the Church Age will enter the Andromeda constellation and as this sword of the Lord enters this star group its sign to the watching believers down on earth is the message that the conquering King of Kings and Lamb of God (ARIES) is coming to break the chains of bondage on this captive woman called Andromeda or the chained princess-it is this Andromeda constellation which is closely identified to the Bride of Christ which is chained to the world and is waiting patiently for her redemption.
I believe Comet Panstarrs is bringing the message of deliverance to the church of the living God; and that later this year Comet Ison will be bringing the message of Judgment to this world when the tribulation begins possibly during the fall feasts on the day of atonement.
The Sign of the Son of Man that is in the heavens this March 2013 is more a hidden sign for just those who are watching for His return! Of course all those who believe in Christ will be included whether they are watcher or not!
There will be another sign of the Son of Man in the heavens after the tribulation period as recorded in Matthew 24:30; it will most likely be another Comet in the heavens with the earth passing through the debris tail-read the seventh vial judgment in Rev. 16!
Then will they see the Son of Man at His second Coming!
The Lord comes in the AIR for His church and then seven years later Christ Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords comes and sets His feet on the earth after the tribulation is ended (Matt 24; Zech 14)!
The first coming we meet Him in the air---The second coming we come back with Him to the earth!!!
I'm tired-I quit--it is done!!!
Again everyone! This Sign in the Heavens is just that a sign-without a time signature for the rapture!!! The way things are going we haven't much a wait now!!! Hang in their --this sick puppy is almost dead!!!
We are almost ready to leave this sick rock in space!!!