Patty RP (14 March 2013)
"New Pope:  Cardinals went to the "End of the World" to find me"

Dear Doves,

So it wasn't Tarcisio/Iscariot.  The original Iscariot wasn't a leader, but just the bad guy behind the scenes.  Probably this cardinal will remain that way, too.

The new pope: 

First Jesuit ever to be Pope
First non-European Pope in 1200 years

Born in Argentina, but not a Latino.  Born of Italian immigrant parents. 

Diversity at its finest.  They got an Italian (Roman) born in Latin America. 

What will be his "description"??  Benedict's was Glory of the Olive.  The next description was supposed to be "Petrus Romanus".  So far, nothing's been reported.  Maybe they will just hide it and not report on it, as many are looking due to the Malachy prophecy.

This fellow was never mentioned in any of the frontrunners, in fact, hardly mentioned at all.  Yet...he got a 2/3 majority vote.  Hmmm.

As far as his anagrams:

Jorge Mario Bergoglio:  Boo, groggier major lie
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio:  Gaol bird rejoicing amoral ogre

In his first address from the balcony at the Vatican, he remarked that the Cardinals had to go to "the end of the world" to find him.  Interesting choice of words.

~Patty RP