Neil Lipken (8 March 2013)
"Dream-------time to put on the wedding dress!"

I received this dream from a friend of mine whom I have known for many years.  She had this dream just a few days ago.  I believe it is indicative that the Rapture is now VERY near!


As I have told you before, I almost never dream, but remember last night after saying my prayers, I told the Lord, 'I would like a dream. If You want, I can have one'. Now I kind of chucked to myself, cause I so rarely dream, and really didn't expect one, but was peacefully and pleasantly surprised.

I remember being in a church, and knowing I was getting married, though clad only in my jeans. There were only  very few people on the 'brides' side of the church, and none on grooms side, and I had this 'sense' that there wasn't even a groom IN the church. but I walked toward the front of the church anyway, looking at the very few people on the 'bride's side, (you know when you get married, the brides family sits on one side and the grooms on the other)
and as I reached the front, I looked toward my right shoulder and a spirit being appeared , and handed me a white wedding dress, ( I knew I was to put on), and he told me "it is time".

I woke up!