Mike Plunkett (6 March 2013)
"To George R.  RE:  "Rapture, Revelation and the Woman of  Chapter 12""



Outstanding! Finally, another brother with his eyes wide open! Now if we can get a miracle, which we will, the snowball will begin to grow exponentially! The time is short brother. We have got to get the fold to start preparing for what is coming FAST! This meeting getting ready to take place in Jerusalem looks like the setup of the Obamanation of Desolation. All things are coming to a very quick head and the People have got to be warned! EVIL is growing worse by the second and the time to fight and/or flee is fast approaching! Speculating about what one might do if put in a bad situation is no longer an option. The people are at the point of they better KNOW what they are going to do and how to respond when the time comes, and START PREPARING! The birth pangs are in motion and are only going to increase with speed and frequency! God Bless and good luck.........