Mike Plunkett (19 March 2013)
"For Charles............."

Dear Charles,

After reading your post's on March 18, 2013, I felt compelled to say something to you. I searched the bible for an answer and was finally led to write something myself. Charles, knowledge causes sorrow, but through it our hearts are made pure. You have found your answers, that is the reason for your sorrow. Wisdom and truth are sad, at first, because we are able to see just how bad things are in the world, especially now! I personally feel that you are on the "Right Path" and need to show the world your JOY and let your light shine to others as Jesus taught us to do. 

Jesus has already PAID the price for us, even though we are told to pick up our cross and follow him, it does not mean that we have to some how pay the price for others that do not feel the same way as we do. But we are to follow in his example, and endure suffering with grace and patience. In due time, others will come around as the Holy Spirit moves them. Let your light shine with the power of the Holy Spirit and the Lord will do the rest. We cannot force others to come to the Lord, but we can be a beacon of hope, through Jesus love, by letting others see it in us, by way of his light. Don't let evil make you so depressed that your light is diminished. You have a very good heart, and an abundance of LOVE to share with ALL. THAT is the key to winning this battle, LOVE, and let the world see it in you! Don't let the devil take away the JOY that is Jesus Christ in your heart, or the light that you can be, with that light shining bright to others........


Michael P

PS........ Zechariah 4:6....... Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Ze-rub'ba-bel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, sayeth the Lord of Hosts