Lynnette (6 March 2013)
"Celebrating FiveDoves Anniversary"

Dear John & Doves,  Congratulations !    I had noticed the Five Doves ANNIVERSAY & hadn't written about it.

 As  Doves, we could consider celebrating by creating the  "gift" of " additional breathing room"  to
John Tng , so  he can reflect on  these many years serving  the Lord, alongside  his family,  and career.
 I felt further impressed , that we consider it  after reading Liz Tracey's  comments.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  John.  I feel continually grateful that God directed me to find FiveDoves. I LOVE the  family here  
& especially, you for  bringing us all together so faithfully  year after year :)    Every Blessing to you  , Lynnette
Thanks, Lynnette!