Lauren (6 March 2013)
"Gino (4 March 2013) RE: Lauren: 03.02.13: "Proof Positive""

Hello Gino,


From my post linked here, and titled 'PROOF POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT' you questioned me saying "there was proof positive from God's word that the "antichrist" is not the current President!"


You said that you're "not saying yea or nay regarding Obama being the antichrist" and that you "missed something in what I wrote and couldn't reach the same conclusion and follow the connections to what I wrote to arrive at my conclusion"


Then asked me to "delineate & explain each of my points"


Gino, Thanks for your reply and question, connecting these first two paragraphs is the key;


When the President received the U.S. Middle East Peacemaking document called 'A LAST CHANCE FOR A TWO-STATE ISRAEL-PALESTINE AGREEMENT' on September 13, 2009, it was six days before September 19, 2009.


That day, September 19, 2009 started the 63rd year in Daniel 9:24-27 seventy 'Feast of Weeks' prophecy. The "one week", or years 63-69 is when the "covenant" was confirmed and he did that 21 days later when he received the 'Nobel Peace Prize' on October 9, 2009.


Staying within Daniel 9, we read that people of¯ the President or the 10 men who wrote the US Mid-East peacemaking document are the cause of the "city and sanctuary being destroyed" and the end of the President that "shall be with a flood" that occurs in the "midst of" years 63-69.

                                                                           PUNCHING IN THE NUMBERS


The "prince of the covenant" the President confirmed it during years 63-69 that began on 1 Tishri September 19, 2009 and end on 29 Elul 5776, or October 2, 2016 that is 2571 days, end date included.


So from the first day, September 19, 2009 to and including ONE HALF OF March 27, 2013 is the midst of the week of years, or 1285.5 days


A second and third witness to a flood destroying him are in Daniel 11:22 and Isaiah 28:2 and 18, in Daniel he is called the "prince of the covenant", in Isaiah 28:1 a "Crown of pride" refers to the President.


I mentioned a 'fourth' witness out of Ezekiel 30:3 speaking about the cloudy day¯ the day of the LORD.

In Ezekiel 30:24 we read that God uses the King of Babylon's army, the antichrists' to break Pharaoh's arms and he shall groan before him with the groaning of a mortally wounded man¯.


Notice he is "before" the antichrist just as in Daniel 11:20-22 where the "vile person" sees the "force of a flood sweep away before him, the "prince of the covenant".


Another key point that should not be overlooked is the "vile person comes in peaceably¯ or in a time of tranquility, that is Holy Week, that just happens to run from March 24-March 31, 2013.


Gino, I hope this aids in your understanding and that these connections connect, because if this isn't "proof positive" from God's word that the current President is NOT the antichrist, then if he IS, who was the "prince of the covenant" that was swept away BEFORE the President?


Remember from the day he confirmed the covenant¯ October 9, 2009 to his last day in Israel March 22, 2013 is 1260 days.


The ONLY ONE who knows officially, is the Set Apart One of Israel as to what those soon coming 8 days of March 20-27, 2013 will bring. What makes them so intriguing is that these days will have what I believe is the messenger "star" that announces the coming "scepter" or Messaih of Numbers 24:17, Comet Panstarrs flying above in the night sky, during the time the prince of the covenant¯ could be destroyed neither in anger or battle.


Satan and his angels arriving in the storm of the LORD¯, the Messiah and His God coming above the storm fulfilling Micah 5:2-5 and Revelation 12:9-10 establishing His everlasting Kingdom, with the antichrist and false prophet revealed as the clouds' are clearing.


Stay safe and again, thanks for your reply, the Ezekiel 33:6 watching one