Josua (8 March 2013)
"A very rare and tasty fruit of the spirit: understanding the end-times!"


Dear Doves

A true Christians life bears fruits.
True love manifests in real works.
Faith without works is dead.

I believe that one of the fruits and also blessed works is to study and understand the word of God (and to bless others by sharing it):

So let me list some of the most tasty fruits:
- to study the word of God seriously, including the topics related to the end-times!
- to have a desire to work out a possible chronology of events in the end-times!
- to understand why (or why not) to believe in a rapture and if yes, when (within the chronology of events) it may happen!
- to differentiate with the precision of a double-edged sword between the rapture and the second coming of Christ!
- to understand for each parable Jesus gave regarding the end-times, if the end of the parable is the rapture or his second coming!
- to understand that the letters to the 7 chruches in Revelation chapters 2+3 are not only addressing historic churches of the past, but most importantly span out the prophetic timespan from Jesus first coming 2000 years ago until his second coming, hence addressing our time!
- to see the amazing parallels between 7 parables of Matthew 13 and the 7 churches in Revelation chapters 2+3.
- to see the amazing parallels between Matthew 24,4-14 and Revelation 6,6-11
- to realize that Matthew 24, 15-28 speaks about the abomination that causes desolation - the only true marker of the "beginning of the great tribulation"!
- to see the amazing parallels between Matthew 24,29-31 and Revelation, 6, 12-15

Of course there are many other fruits of a Christians life and other works to do too, but some of us have been assigned the responsibility, joy, (but also burden) to distinguish the times and to really UNDERSTAND it.

Here is a little analogy: Once of my little hobbies is to solve the Rubiks Cube. It's that 3x3x3 Cube with different colors on each side that gets mixed up so quickly and then can't be solved anymore by most people. For me it is a true pleasure to just solve it, and to always find new ways of doing it, in fact it is easier than you may think once you have understood some fundamental "laws of the cube". Towards the end of solving it, everything becomes 100% predictable (but for those who have no understanding about it it still looks like a total mess) because all pieces must fall into place simultaneously. It is the same with the end-times: most Christians just think it is an unsolved and completely mixed up puzzle, they don't even dare to think that it COULD be solved or that the final pieces are all just about to fall into place anytime soon within just very few moves.

With the current events on the horizon, I can't stop thinking about the analogy of the Rubiks Cube. Any serious Rubiks-Cuber will know when the Cube will be solved within the next few moves and 100% foresees it, while others have absolutely no clue and are simply unable to see or understand it.

Watch out for Obama in Jerusalem, the election of the Pope, re-read Matthew 24,15-28 and be ready to see all the pieces fall into place very quickly!

Watch & Pray!
YbiC, Josua

PS: special thanks to all John Tng and all Doves for all the recent articles. It's an incredible blessing to me! Keep the oil burning and the lamps trimmed!