Joe Wise (19 March 2013)
"Events on the First of Nisan!"

Notice the date's of these articles!!!
(sunset 3/12/13 - sunset 3/13/13)
(An interesting note my son Luke pointed out to me
 The dates from 3/10/13 - 3/19/13 read the same forward and backward)

Several events took place or appear to have been set in motion on the first of Nisan.
 Here are just a few possibly significant events, 
they choose the new Pope,
  Some Muslims have a vision of rebuilding Solomon's temple
(see Torah reading from previous e-mail, and Ezekiel 42:20)
 Israeli Intelligence stated
 "Assad is making advanced preparations to use chemical weapons"
. The last one could bring about not only a repeat of Highlighted parts
Ezekiel 29
 (in my previous e-mail),
 Isaiah 17 as well.
These events probably weren't the only 
significant events that took place or were set in motion on this day!

In an attempt to serve what he says are the best interests of the region
 (Tyre included)
 President Obama is saying Assad must go!
 If Assad uses chemical weapons or threatens to use them publicly.
Israel's statements about what they would do is well documented.
but what if 
Instead of Israel
 the leader of Babylon the Great steps in to destroy these weapons
  if their is nuclear material (dirty bomb) among these weapons
 it could have the same effect described in
 Ezekiel 29,
"Every head [was] made bald, and every shoulder [was] peeled"
and would more than likely
 Isaiah 17,
solve who Mystery Babylon the Great is!
Although I made no interpretation of the scripture in Ezekiel 29
it was called to my attention
by a well respected and beloved brother 
that my questions could be construed as extrapolations
of well known well documented history
he states:
"Nebuchadnezzar fought against Tyre, but was never able to take a spoil, because as they besieged it, the people of Tyre fled to a small island off the coast of the mainland city.  Thus when Nebuchadnezzar's army finally took the coastal mainland portion of Tyre, there was no spoil for his army."
I do not want to infer or extrapolate anything contradictory!
 insinuate Nebuchadnezzar couldn't pay his Army because he didn't have a balanced budget!
In Nebuchadnezzar's day his Army divided the spoil as wages!
The Army's of today are paid wages from the Government
 and arrested if they take the spoil!
Governments can't pay wages if they don't have the budget for it! 
America not having a balanced budget is a fact,
and if President Obama decides to be the protector of the regeon
and attemts to destroy the weapons
it could be a clue as to who
So to wrap it up
 What is happening today seems eerily similar to what happened in Ezekiel!
"yet had he no wages, nor his army"
My brother might say
 just because history is eerily similar doesn't mean it will repeat itself!
To him I would say 
Your right!
But it could, so 
If this passage in Ezekiel does repeat itself
If America does turn out to be Mystery Babylon, remember,
Babylon burns!
You need to be ready!
spiritually and emotionally
 sudden destruction is 
This could happen the same day in retaliation to what is perceived as an attack on Syria
 Syria's proximity to Tyrus ,
 in conjunction with the appearance of the comet at sunset, 
the beginning of Nisan 
(Happy New Year by the way)
 and, at least for me,
 the verses and dates in Ezekiel related perfectly to the events of the day!  

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To cast believers out is a heinous and cruel policy, an offense not only to men, but to Islam.

For His Glory, Honor, & Praise,
Joe Wise