Jim M (23 March 2013)
"Re: (URL) The End Times Forecaster: Will California Sink into the Ocean on 5/10/13?—An Analysis of Joe Brandt’s Dream"

Hello John and fellow Doves,

I'd like to take this opportunity to write to you to about "Joe Brandt's dream": http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/joebrandt.htm I've seen this posted on the internet for quite some time, so several months ago I decided to see what I could find out about "Joe Brandt" and his "dream". What I learned (or shall I say, didn't learn?) was that this story was most likely fabricated by its author in an attempt to play on the earthquake fears of Californians living in the late 60s ... and beyond.

First, about the author, Mei Ling ... or is it Jessica Madigan? Ms Madigan is known for writing / compiling books regarding "prophecy", but not  the biblical kind. For instance, she refers to herself as a "New Age Mystic" in this series of books: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B000PHFKE4/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_0?ie=UTF8&index=0 (my take is that she writes under the pen name, "Mei Ling", because it sounds more "mystical" than Jessica Madigan :)
If you read the forward to the "Joe Brandt Dream" you'll notice that Jessica Madigan's "closest friend" is Fran Brandt and that she and her husband, Joe, shared a Christmas Eve dinner with the Madigans. Yet just two years later, in 1967, Ms Madigan cannot remember when her closest friend died "[in 1966 or 1967]". Personally, I find that to be a bit odd (and frustrating because it makes it that much more difficult to find an obituary).

I also find it odd that this Joe Brandt fellow would give Ms Madigan his personal, handwritten papers that he'd held onto for 30 years, and then just leave them with her (to apparently forget about for the next two years). In fact, that's the last we hear of Joe Brandt (even now it's impossible to find any interviews with Joe Brandt. He was only 47 at the time he gave her his notes. One would think that over the years he would've given an interview or two on the subject)

You'll also note that the author conveniently omits the name of her "former geology professor" (I wonder if she really took a geology class?). She also doesn't mention what school she attended or the school where her "former geology professor" was teaching.

She states in her forward "... I am certain now, as I was not certain on Christmas Eve of 1965, that the California earthquake WILL come (her emphasis, not mine) ... and its coming is close at hand." Well she was obviously wrong about that. But the reason I posted that statement was to explain why the president described in her account fit President Johnson pretty much to a "T". I believe she needed further "evidence" that the end is nigh! ... in 1967.

Thank you, John, and all the rest of you, for allowing me to share my thoughts on this subject.

Jim M