Jim Bramlett (6 March 2013)
"Very soon rapture message confirmed"

Dear friends:

On Saturday, March 2, 2013 I sent out my message about the very soon rapture.
The next day, on Sunday, March 3, 2013 I received the below confirming message from a lady reader:


This is true, let me explain.  I was sitting at my dinning table about 3 weeks ago reading Psalm 122 the last verse in that chapter.  My husband Johnnie was there also reading his bible., we study together.  All of a sudden I heard a clear and distinct voice in my head and saw a vision also.  I was, a dark gray back ground with lighter silver letters raised to look 3-D. It said this and was in quotes.  "The Rapture Is Imminent ".  My husband ask me what was wrong, he saw the expression on my face change.  I told him what happened and he said I believe you.

Then I asked the Lord to confirm it for me.  Two days later we receive our magazine from Prophesy In The News and in an article by Gary Stearman I was reading it also repeated it just like this "The Rapture Is Imminent".  My heart leaped when I saw it and I thanked God for His confirmation.   My birthday is March 26th, on the calendar it is the first day of Passover.  I will be 63, 6+3=9 (a time of judgment), could The Lord be telling me that we have left by that time, and judgment it coming?
Also some other news for you,

Obama wrote this on a beam at the New York new Tower that was put into place.

We will remember,
We will rebuild,
We will come back stronger.

Now he was quoting this out of the bible but only writing part of the what it said.  Now in Hebrew numbers for letters, the number 6 is represented by U or W.  Look what he chose to write with a red marker on the beam that day just like it says, and I have seen the picture of him while doing it, the first letter in each verse WWW or 666.  Some other man read the whole scripture about what was wrote on the beam.  It was a curse to Israel then and now a curse to America.

Obama is going to Israel on March 20th, five days before, the Eve of Passover, by his election the democrats symbol is a donkey.

Jesus went riding on a donkey into Jerusalem 5 days before Passover on Palm Sunday.

We know that satan will counterfeit all that the Lord did, and has tried to deceive us all down through the ages.  He turned the Mazzaroth, (the story of Christ in the stars), to the Zodiac to deceive all that live here today.

Also I believe we are fixing to see Psalm 83 happen just before all this happens, maybe this month.

The trip that they are making to Israel, Obama and Kerry later this month, they are taking a seven year treaty to try to urge Israel to sign, and while there they are also going to the King of Jordon to get him to sign the treaty that will urge all the rest of the countries to sign it also.

I heard the Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu talking to the Jewish Council of Israel on the internet just the other day and he said this, "They are bring a Seven Year Treaty for us to sign in the negotiations, they are saying, PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.  Then he said that they have always had preconditions before they will talk about peace and if they come to the table this time with all these preconditions, I will not even talk to them or sign a treaty that will give up more Israel.  I will not give up not one more inch of our land to them. I will not divide Israel at all."

Does this remind you of what is in the Bible, when they shall say," peace, peace, peace," then sudden destruction shall come upon them.  And the head of Israel just said this the other day.

Then I went back to look at Psalm 122, it is about going up to the house of the Lord. That is what the whole chapter is about.   And the last verse says, NKJV verse 9 "Because of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good.  That was what I was reading that day I received this His Word about the Rapture.

I know this a lot to comprehend but this is what the Lord has shown me in the last few days.

Sincerely and God Bless you,