Jennie (14 March 2013)
"RE: John B."

I believe that also,  I have been watching Johns Web cam everyday.  I am thinking why the Conclave hasn't made a choice yet is because MAYBE they are waiting for John Paul to come back to life???  Just a theory.  On another note,  I believe it will be the POPE and Mr. O., but I don't know for sure who is going to play who??  Why,  Mr. O is going to Israel and he will be the one for the Treaty and possible Head wound???
I think  Pope =  FP
Mr. O. = AC
Who better to deceive the MASSES than the Pope himself,  they will believe anything he says????  He could give the AC the power and identity he needs?????    So, we will have to sit on the side line and see how this is going to play out???
I pray we are out of here before all of this takes place?    YSIC  Jennie