Jennie (14 March 2013)
"RE: Ola O."

You are correct.  I believe O will get the Head Wound while he is in Israel???  I thought it very interesting how the Media came out about a week ago warning O.  We both know it's a cover up to who ever is gonna do this duty???  It really doesn't matter who does it, but from what I see, WE SHOULD BE GONE before Mr. O gets his Head Wound???   The Restrainer can not inhabit the earth with Satan here?????
I had a Mighty Vision right before Mr. O. was Elected the First time for Pres.  The Angel of the Lord took me to a Big Billboard and allowed me to see with my own eyes who the AC is going to be.  As I stared down the picture, I noticed the Head and Hands were BLURRED out???  Why is that???  I believe this man has DARK SKIN?   The structure of this man was 100% of Mr. O.  all the way down to the suit he was wearing.  So, from that moment on,  I am 95% convinced Mr. O. is the AC.   He is from Africa which is part of the European Union making him a qualified candidate.  What really puts me at awe is that God would allow the future AC to be our Pres.?????     Really,  R U Serious?  Ha Ha. 
I also believe the New Pope or (the resurrected John Paul II) will be the False Prophet?  No other candidate can fool the MASSES like the Pope can??
Get Ready to fly,  it's all lining up and it's about to get BUMPY!!!!      YSIC  Jennie