Jean Stepnoski (8 March 2013)
"When The First, Yet Green, Barley Was Harvested: Adar 29/Nisan 1"


Dear Doves,
   In days of old when the barley was initially taken to the Temple as the first grain sacrifice, it was done very early in the barley season. The barley was green and not fully developed, with flecks of amber in the heads of grain. When the barley was ascertained as being in the abib/aviv state, the mature crop was still 2-3 weeks away at Nisan 14-21. As the very first of the first fruits, some of the underdeveloped barley was harvested, taken to the Temple, and roasted in a skillet over fire as first grain sacrifice. The time? Adar 29 to Nisan 1, the overlap days of old ending and new beginning of the counting of the months.This was the INITIAL harvest of barley first fruits, the first of the 7 crops or species of the land of Israel. THE FIRST. It was a harvest done at a time not logically expected, there is a quality of MYSTERY. The harvest of the redeemed may be earlier than expected? The goodman of his house believed he had plenty of time to prepare, before the thief suddenly appeared to take away the treasures of the house. The goodman decided to watch. But the thief comes earlier than expected. The Spiritual Year for Israel ends on Adar 29, which will be 3-10 to 11. Will The Blessed Hope be at the end of Adar? A day in Nisan? If so, what might be the key? The conclusion of the current Spiritual Year or the beginning of the next?
   Shall Messiah/Christ arrive earlier than anticipated in the barley season? If we are symbolic of the barley harvest, He is the spiritually symbolic fully mature, representing the completion of the first fruits barley at Nisan 17. He is the head, we are the body. We will become fully mature upon the transformation when The Blessed Hope occurs. Will the barley fields in Israel appear green rather than white when we are changed in the twinkling of an eye? May we learn the lesson of the goodman of his house. His home was broken into and treasures taken earlier than he expected. EARLIER in the barley season, not later? May we WATCH each day now. I hope The Beloved soon arrives and spirits away His Bride of The Ages!
With Love and Shalom,