James S (6 March 2013)
"Commercial for "The Walking Dead""

Although I've never watched the show, "The Walking Dead".... nor do I know the premise or storyline/plot scenario for the show, I do, however, find the timing .....and it's high ratings and much talked about popularity....very interesting. The show is about zombies, so I'm assuming these walking dead have come out of their graves at some point, for whatever reason, and are causing those who see and encounter them, some degree of concern and distress? I couldn't help but think, is this some sort of psychological vaccination, a Hollywood psy-op, to somehow discredit or pervert and distort the truth of the events that will take place when Jesus appears in the clouds and calls those dead saints into the air to meet Him, along with those believers who are alive and on the earth? Apparently, this is a very highly rated and watched series, so millions are watching and ingesting whatever likely  propaganda laced messages are being sent by the creators of the show every week? Does anyone have any insights as to how this show's premise and storyline could impact the minds and paradigms of unbelievers on the earth, when the graves are opened and the dead in Christ are raised out of their graves?.......James S.