Greg (8 March 2013)
"Concerning Mary Ann's post: "We Are Above the Law of the Land""

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Can you believe this stuff?  Please click on the link in Mary Ann's last post here:
You know what I think? I think the devil has done a job on the Christian community to make us complacent in mind and in heart.  When I watched this video a righteous anger and zeal came from within me. I thought of Jesus when He cleansed the temple.  Why are our emotions so misconstrued to act out appropriately?  You want to know why? Because sin has blinded us from the truth, and we have gone too far into sin, therefore God has brought a spirit of slumber on the eyes of many!  Just because the majority has caused us to enter into that time in which we live doesn't mean we can't continue to be angry against sin!  Wake up and put on your strength in Christ (not by might; not by power; but by my Spirit says the Lord; Zech. 4: 6), and keep the sinful nature in subjection and under your feet, for IF you have the Holy Spirit then you can do all things through Christ that give you strength.  Be a believer, not a doubter! 
In Christ,