Grace (6 March 2013)
"DREAM - blood moon ... abomination ... earth shaking ... rapture"

John & Doves:
I saw this video by chance, when watching another on YouTube. I think it is worthy to share. It is from servantofgod346. For your discernment, please.
I wanted to tell you a dream that I had.
In this dream, I saw the Pope, and I saw Obama with him standing in Israel. Israel gave them the keys to the kingdom, to the holy city of God. I saw a Blood Moon over Israel. About that time, I heard weeping, but they were tears of joy. They were rejoicing to see Obama and the Pope standing there in the middle of Jerusalem, in the city of God. About that time, I turned around, and the Heaven was opened. I heard a trumpet blowing, it was louder and louder.
I heard a Voice saying: "The abomination that is being done in the holy city of God, the filth is rising to the top." About that time, while the Earth started to shake, Israel was divided. Stars began to fall. They were falling all around me. As they hit the Earth, the Earth was on fire, it was burning from the stars falling to the Earth. I turned and looked. I saw the evil angels, as far as I could see, they were crying out loud: "HURRY HURRY! OUR HOUR HAS COME!!".
I could see demons rejoicing, because their hour had come. And Obama was there. And the new Pope was there. About that time, the Earth shook again. Hell had been opened wide. The fallen ones are now free from their prison. They moved so fast, it was like a black cloud. That black cloud was over Israel. I could not see the Moon, there was no light in the heaven, I could not see anything. It was just BLACK.
About that time, I heard a trumpet sounding. I looked up, and the sky parted. (I never saw anything like this before, I have some dreams, but this dream was the wildest dream I ever had!!) As the heaven was parted, I looked up and saw Jesus. HE was standing there. At HIS side, there stood the Angel of the Lord, it was the Angel Michael. He was blowing the trumpet, it was loud. When I looked at Jesus, all I could see was a bright light, he looked like the Sun. I was rejoicing to see my Lord and Savior standing there shining like the Sun!! The Angel sounded again, and God was calling His saints up. I was ready to go. I was never so glad to hear anything all my life that Jesus was calling us Home. AT LAST, we were going Home.
I looked to the right, there was a gold door. I was amazed that the door was covered in gold, and the door opened. In this dream, there was a clock! It was 12 o'clock!! I was thinking: "WEIRD, I WAS SEEING A CLOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS DREAM". It was 12 o'clock, I will never forget. As I was going up through the door, I saw 12 o'clock. The dream ended.
This dream changed me somehow. I do not know what this dream did to me. But after I had that dream, I had been said. Even President came to see me today. I told him: "President, I just don't feel like talking anything, I am not feeling well, I am a little sick. When I am feeling better, I will give you a call." But I knew I had to get up to make this video, while the dream was still in me. I am still shaken, as I am making this video, as I am talking to you right now. I really don't know what else to say, but this dream really shakes me. God bless you, my brothers and sisters, in Jesus name.
- END -