Gino (6 March 2013)
"RE: Ed C: 03.04.13: 7 Heads"


             Thank you for writing back. Now I understand where you are coming from.

You had written:


The beast in question, in my opinion, obviously is not a person,

but rather nations that are in question.


I have thought a similar thing.

I had always thought that the beast both refers to a man and to a kingdom.

Sometimes one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both simultaneously.

I had thought that the 7 heads were 7 kingdoms that had affected the land of Israel or the entire nation of Israel.




The entire nation of Israel was in bondage to Egypt

The LORD destroyed Egypt, himself & delivered Israel



             The took the northern kingdom of Israel into captivity

             They attacked Judah & came against Jerusalem



             They besieged & took Jerusalem

They destroyed the temple

They kept Jerusalem captive in Babylon for 70 years



             Under them, many Jews returned to Jerusalem & rebuilt the temple

             Under them, Haman was thwarted & destroyed



             Under the divided Greek kingdom, the temple was desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanies



             Under them Jesus Christ was born & ministered

             They did the actual, physical dirty work of scourging & crucifying the LORD Jesus

             They besieged & took Jerusalem

             They destroyed the temple & scattered the Jews



             Under them, a mosque to a false god was built on the temple mount

             Under them, the Crusades were waged between them and the Dark Ages remnant of the fallen Roman Empire

             Except for short times during the Crusades, they maintained control over Jerusalem

             The Islamic Empire’s final stage was the Caliphate last headquartered in Asia Minor, Turkey

             They received a “mortal head wound” in 1924, when the empire finally died


If there is a revived Islamic Caliphate, then the 8th would be of the 7.

It would be like that head coming back to life.

It could coincide with the appearance of the Islamic Mahdi, and his side kick, the Islamic Jesus.

It would come against Israel & Jerusalem, like Assyria, Babylon & Rome did.

It would be destroyed by the LORD himself, like Egypt was.


I also think that the mortal head wound applies to the beast as a person, also.

That he will appear to come back to life.

That he will falsely mimic the resurrection of Jesus.


So, this is one of those case where I believe the beast is both a kingdom & a person.


                          Thank you,