Gino (19 March 2013)
"RE: Jovial: 03.18.13: your prompt answer"


             Thank you for your prompt answer.

I was attempting to delineate the three various teachings that I have heard over the years.

I do agree with you, the pattern is clear, that both things happen before the blessed hope.

The falling away, or apostasy happens, then the man of sin is revealed, then we are gathered up.

It makes sense also from the revealing aspect, as well.

To whom would he be revealed as the man of sin?

To the lost & unbelieving Gentiles?

They are already lost & dead in trespasses and sin.

Revealing him as the man of sin would be lost upon them.

No, only the gospel can effect a change of mind for them, not a revealing of the man of sin.

It wouldn’t affect them, it wouldn’t cause them to call upon the name of Jesus.

To the angelic realm?

             Possibly this is when they find out how this all works out.

             However, the description of the revealing of the man of sin is in context of other things relative to believers.

To the lost & unbelieving Jews?

             That is a possibility.

             Perhaps, prior to that, they may have been deceived into thinking that he may possibly be their messiah.

             Jesus had said, “I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive”. (in John 5:43)

             Perhaps this will be an eye opener to some in Israel.

To the church?

             This makes the most sense to me.

             The church was told about the man of sin  II Thessalonians 2, putting more light on the who this man really is and what he will do.

             The church has been warned about this man’s coming.

             The revealing of the man of sin may very well trigger a clear separating of the tares from the wheat.

             The tares, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the false teachers, and false professors, have been able to “blend in” prior to this.

             This will “shake the bush”, turn on the light, etc.

             This will polarize the false, which has been leading and driving the apostasy.

             This will force them to this man, and provoke their allegiance to him.