Gino (14 March 2013)
"RE: Tom: 03.13.13"


             Man, that was a terrifying experience reading your letter.

What you wrote makes so much sense.

About how much time do you figure it would take, for all the scenarios that you described, to play out?

Could this all happen suddenly, and in rapid succession, like when the troubles came upon Job?

The thought that the leaders in Iran believe that if terrible world war erupts, that it will open the door for their Mahdi to come, is frightening.

The thought that a starving North Korea, led by a hotheaded, inexperienced, spoiled, ego maniac with a god complex, and is heavily armed, is frightening.

That they both may have nukes:

That they both have nothing to lose:

That they both believe that they have everything to gain:

Well I agree with you that they may very well be crazy enough to go for the unimaginable war with nukes.