Gili (8 March 2013)
"Re: Danny H and Frank Molver"


After reading your letter I am quite despondent again.  Each year for many years now, around Easter/Passover things seem to íhotí up in Israel, that carries on till  Rosh, then it all fizzles out again, till March the next year.  This last year,  has been really exciting and the tension has kept up so the Rapture seemed more imminent, we then read about AC the 44 year old, and I was getting my hopes up again, and bang,  I get hit again.  He mentions  the woman that he is supposed to marry?  He hasnít even met her yet?  Oh no!


Also someone else that claims to know when we will be Raptured, Dr Owuor, and he has meetings planned for 22-24 March, another, Oh no!


Thank you Frank for the lovely message on the Bema seat, that gave me something to think about, and work on while I am waiting.


I also want to thank John Tng for his time and dedication, it is and has been such a blessing to read the letters daily for so many years.