Gerry Almond (28 March 2012)
"Time is UP...Prepare yourself and others in the little time remaining"

Serious researchers of the Word of God know that the time for the return of Jesus Christ to rapture His body, the Church is very, very near.  They know that several important things point directly to this being the case. 


1.  Apostasy has 1,000 fold increased.  Even a new term has come into being, that being Chrislam, an unholy combination of Christian and Islamic doctrine.  It is being endorsed by so-called Christians on a very large scale.  This is pure evil and it is apostasy at its worst.  The idea that there are many ways to God flies in the face of the clear biblical teaching that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man cometh to the Father, but by Me”.  This statement has now been discarded for a lie. 


2.  The rise of a narcissistic personage with great power is now on the scene.  He is worshipped worldwide as some sort of savior, with his promise to change the U. S. and the world.  He is self-indulgent to the extreme and seems to have made it his aim to destroy the constitutional U. S. and replace it with a socialist one.  Because America is the world’s greatest and only superpower, he has control of more nuclear firepower than any human being on the planet.  The wealth of the world is in his hands as he controls the vast assets of the United States.  No one seems determined to stop him, although he illegally performs acts worthy of impeachment by circumventing the Congress, which is our protector against such.  This same leader has just reduced America in my opinion, to the status of Sodom and Gomorrah by his endorsement of same sex marriage.  This obviously means that he is opposed to the Defense of Marriage Act and wants it destroyed.  He is the President of the United States.


3.  The signs of the times with respect to Israel are everywhere present.  Israel is God’s time clock and she is the apple of His eye.  He is returning attention to her as He takes His eyes off the Church.  This signals the removal of the Church in order to graft back in again the nation of Israel as God’s chosen.  This also signals a return to the law, inasmuch as that is the Israeli religious system.  Only the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords will awaken Israel to its true destiny, that being to rule over the Messianic Kingdom which is prophesied to last 1,000 years.  The devastating wars of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, 39 are on the horizon as this is written.  The biblical promise of 3 days of darkness worldwide is on the same horizon with the expectation of earthquakes and tsunamis in combination reshaping even the continents.  Only Israel and Jordon will escape this madcap reorganization of land masses it seems.  God is preparing to protect His remnant for 1,260 shortened days in His special place prepared for them to flee to.  The flight is imminent as war in the middle east is just as imminent.  A major indicator is that Israel is said to be equipping it submarines with nuclear tips.  This is of tremendous significance and speaks volumes of what they think of the world that they live in today.


4.  The abomination that makes desolate as described by Daniel in chapter 9 has shown himself by standing in the holy place of the birth place of Jesus.  There is much on the Five Doves about this event and its meaning during Passover 2013.  It is believed to presage the rapture of the Bride of Christ.  In the meantime, the nation of Syria is locked in a bitter civil war.  It leader is rumored to be dead, shot by his own bodyguard.  True or not, the burden of Damascus is soon to take place.  This burden is complete and total destruction of that ancient city. 


5.  Europe is disintegrating in its present form.  Cyprus is the first to go literally belly up.  Out of this disintegration will come the final form.  Italy is suffering massive earthquakes today in places where they have not heretofore occurred.  Rome, of course, is in this boot shaped nation, which could be most affected by a tsunami coming into the Mediterranean Sea.  Spain and Greece are both likely to exit the European Union  leaving chaos in their wake.  They, themselves will probably disintegrate into civil war as the economy fails in both nations.  There seems to be only one solution; a new world order economically, wherein all nations band together to support one another, having one leader and one currency system.  The Bible calls this the “one world system” which will require all residents of the planet to receive a mark in their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell within the system.  This mark is tantamount to worshipping God’s archenemy, Satan, according to Holy Writ. 


6.  Many, many knowledgeable Bible scholars and men of prophetic understanding are now in one voice saying that the end is here.  Not near, but here.  Among these are television personalities Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, both well known spokesmen for the soon return of Jesus Christ.  Recently deceased J. R. Church of “Prophecy in the News” also was ringing the clarion bell.  He is succeeded by Gary Stearman, who is continuing to ring the same bell.   There are many others, and some are well versed and know whereof they speak.  God is using these voices to make His will and presence known in these last days.  The end of the age has come.  A great number of men and women whose names will never be headliners know and endorse the fact that the end of all things has come.   I thank God for radio, television, and mass media including internet which is being used to spread the Gospel message.  May many come in before it is everlasting too late.  


7.  There is little doubt any longer that something is upsetting the earth and its normal function.  Winter ended and Spring came way too early, like in February last year.  Summer arrived in mid Spring time, and is in full bloom with 2 days remaining until Summer.  As I said, something is definitely up.  This is believed to be Planet X or Nibiru, or whatever name men choose to call it.  Something is changing the magnetosphere and in turn causing a possible, or maybe even a probable pole shift.  Already airports have had to recalibrate magnetic north anew, in order for compasses to work right.  Ice caps are melting at an alarming rate of speed.  It is verified that the north pole has shifted 40 miles.  Massive earthquakes occurring on a pattern give rise to the feeling that these occur when alignment with some massive heavenly object occurs.  There is no doubt that we have seen earthquakes more frequently by far than before, and with greater intensity.  It has only just begun.  The Japanese quake of March 11, 2011 is the most intense ever recorded which produced a tsunami of devastating size.  If the mountains of the Canary Islands break off and slide into the Atlantic Ocean, the effect will be 300 ft high tsuami waves on the east coast of the United States, destroying everything including the entire peninsula of Florida.  Nothing will survive all the way in to central Pennsylvania and to the Appalachian Mountain chain.  Such an event in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast would break that part of the U. S. off the mainland and forever change the shape of the coastline. Nevada would be the new coast.  It is a real possibility, and within the power and might of God Almighty.  If the hour is a late as I think it is, these things could happen momentarily.


8.  The last Pope has now come on the scene.  He is said to be called Peter the Roman and would replace Pope Benedict who resigned February 28, 2013.  His successor has taken the name Pope Francis 1, but he is of the Jesuit order and is a black robed warrior.  Many are tying him to the St. Malachy prophecy that he is indeed Peter the Roman, whether in name or not.   He will fulfill his destiny to become what the Bible calls the “false prophet” and as such will back up the “man of sin” in forcing the numbering of all persons under martial law (because of devastation?).  No one could buy or sell unless he bears the mark of the man of sin as enforced by the false prophet.  The number 666 will then have body and substance and will no longer be a mystery.


9.  Powerful wealthy, elite personages are now having their way.  Their evil plans, in the works for many years, have now come to fruition.  They are convinced that depopulation of the world must occur to the tune of perhaps 6,000,000,000 people more or less in order for what they envision as the “new world” to be a reality.  They know of the coming earthquakes which will be caused by Planet X or Nibiru and their plan is for events and circumstances to destroy most of the world’s population while they are protected in the caves and dens and underground cities of the earth.  The remaining population, after the massive destruction, will be under their control and a new world order will begin under their auspices.  This is not science fiction, but reality in our world today.


10.  The fulfillment to the letter of the message of Virgo began Rosh Hashana, 2011, on Sept 29/30.  This is very eloquently spoken of in Mathman’s post about these events in the heavens called “Love Story in the Sky”.  Jesus said to watch the heavens for signs and wonders as the end time approaches.  It is clearly the fulfillment of Revelation 12, the woman clothed with the sun, the moon at her feet, and 12 stars across her head.  She is pained to give birth, and does so, whereupon a great red dragon appears to devour the man-child as soon as it is born.  Read this intriguing chapter of the Revelation for yourself and see the imagery as it has already unfolded.  Soon, so soon, the devil, that is satan, will be cast out of heaven to the earth and with him 1/3rd of the heavenly host.  Woe is in store for planet earth. 


There is more, much more but this is enough to give a view of the seriousness of the times in which we live.


Fellow Christians:  The rapture of the body of Christ is now imminent.  It is the very next event before the awful horrors of the Great Tribulation are unleashed on the world system.  It is so imminent, that there is very little time left to prepare for it.  So, fall on your knees, repent, repent, repent and be sure that you are right with God.  All who fail or refuse to do so will be left behind when He comes to make up His jewels.  Accept Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior, follow Him from your heart, and you will be accepted in the beloved.  There is precious little time left. 




Gerry Almond