Gerry Almond (14 March 2012)
"My heart is broken for my more than ever."

To:  All Doves…My heart is broken for America

Yes, my heart is absolutely broken for America.  I was born and raised in a small city, in eastern Tennessee.  I enjoyed God’s mountains and hills as a camper when I was a boy, and also the freedom to ride my bike all over the place.  I swam in the rivers and ate plums from the tree.  It was idyllic for me until I ran smack dab into the Korean War.  I was just barely 18 on June 24, 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea and the U. S. entered the war.

I love the television series M. A. S. H. (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) for the way it portrays the insanity of that war.  Although I served in the Air Force, the Force was not far removed from being an arm of the army, having separated after WW2 and only a short time before the Korean War.  My class A uniform was army drabs in 1950.

I tell you the truth, America was something then.   But today, America has changed.  Brother Jim Bramlett once identified 1962 as the flash point for change, a year which I well remember.  That is the year I was serving as a very young hospital administrator.  From Des Moines, IA, I watched the Medicare plan pass and come into being.  We, in hospital administration knew that the statistical data and demographic projections that the Johnson Administration used was flawed. That flawed data was the basis on which the financing of the plan was presented to Congress, and the older, more experienced among us, so testified to the Administration.  If we knew it, certainly they did too.  But it was to no avail, of course.  Thus for the sake of Johnson’s legacy, and to aid seniors, (which I am one now and I admit that I am grateful for the aid), the social security system was nevertheless set up to be robbed and eventually depleted.  

Which brings me to the purpose of this letter.  First, I state today my belief that a pole shift, whether complete or partial is in the world’s not too distant future.  It is the ONLY thing I can think of that will fulfill the sixth seal of Revelation 6.  And it seems to be a perfect fit, so, I say that if it waddles, quacks and looks like a duck, well, I guess it probably is one.

Secondly, I do not believe that we in America have a way back from the mess we ourselves, have created.  I think the die is cast for God’s judgment to fall on us, and there can be no turning back now.  God’s Word, the Bible says that these things that we are seeing every day now must be, in order for the end times to come.  While appalling to me, I rejoice that I can see, in a larger picture, the setup for the return of our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ for His beloved Bride.  

Thirdly, I know I should, but I find it hard to pray for this corrupt administration today.  Its acts of serious concern, so far removed from decent Bible standards, by far eclipse any previous administration’s record in the history of America, and some are an abomination to not only our founding principles, but to God, Himself.  It has crossed the line on same sex and marriage issues, abortion, etc, and it has set itself up to take over with emergency powers in the event the tide of events should go against it.  I am so ashamed of our Supreme Court that I could vomit.  It has consistently worked against the Christian principles of the founders of America, thus showing its true colors as a liberal/socialistically leaning body of jurors.  And as for the Congress, well, how about them.  Do they represent the people?  Or do they represent themselves, and are where they are for the pure pursuit of power and pleasure?  Scandal after scandal has rocked many of the representatives, and senators, and the entire economic system, from Johnson’s days onward have just “kicked the can down the road” by their own admission, except for the Reagan years.

So, can America survive?  Not if the rapture comes in 2013, as I fully expect it to.  Not if there really is a heavenly body approaching us from the direction of our south pole that will create the conditions similar to those portrayed in the movie “2012”.  Not if the New World Order people have their way.  And certainly not if we abandon Israel to her enemies at this crucial time in her course of events.  I tell you, my sincere conviction is that God will have America’s head!  

God Almighty has His eyes on Israel and on the U. S.  The nation He commissioned to protect His covenant people is instead smothering the one He called them to protect.  In her vision, Sparrow Cloud 9 recently, on March 10, 2013 reported that in her heavenly vision of her visit, she was told that the U. S. is about to fall, hard, not to survive.  This, she said, is a judgment of God for the dividing of Israel’s land and by deceit forcing His chosen people to participate in that division.  Further, she says the judgment has already begun, not to be reversed.  She was told, “God will not be mocked”.  

I feel strongly that our only way out as Christians, is the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ, His Bride.  It has come to that as the only way of escape.  Let’s love one another, pray for the brethren and sisters, repent of all unholiness as God shows it to us, and stay ready.  Jesus is coming!

Even so, come Lord Jesus


Gerry Almond