Gerlinda (8 March 2013)
"Pacific NW Quake, Debbie"
Frank, I always think of you living up there and also  that it is Rowina's old stomping grounds whenever I get information about your neck of the woods in the Pacific NW.  What will be, will be but like Charles, who says it so well (in his own words) that we can't help but be concerned about those who are so blind and will not see.  You have the Spiritual Eyes to see as does Rowina and a few others  but I have family that live out there that do not see; they go to church, you know, the big one up on the hill.  They are too busy having a blast.  Soon that blast will be BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.  Thank God for the hope that is within us.
Debbie,  I just read your letter and will include you in my prayers along with Lynnette.  You just go ahead and vent whenever you need; we know where you are coming from but especially does God, whose angels write down every word said against Him and His servants.