Gerlinda (8 March 2013)
"For Juan Carlos and Doves"

Hello Juan Carlos,
I read your account and had even considered that possibility myself that there will be a repeat of what happened at the time of Our Lord's Resurrection when He brought the Captive back with Him and they were seen walking all over the city by friends and family alike. 
Wouldn't that be so awesome for us to see our loved ones and dear friends here among us on earth prior to our own gathering home?  It would be one of the most "tugging at the heart-strings"  for those whom haven't quite given their whole heart to the Lord and even those who never gave HIM any thought.  What a merciful God we have should He allow this to happen again and He is full of surprises, isn't He?.
Always, I think of Yacov Rambsel's find of Hain Natzal (Behold the Rapture) within the Bible Codes, which he did by hand, long before computers were used.  And where did he find these words?  Through-out the Book of Ruth, first chapter. is found the word Natzal, verse 8, 11, 14.  However, the whole phrase of Behold the Rapture was found  in Ruth 1:13.  Yacov told that what made the four finds so interesting is that the Hebrew letter TZADDI is used to form the word NATZAL.  TZADDI is the Hebrew letter depicting the RAPTURE. 
But look at this:  In Exodus 19:16-17, where it tells about how Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God, the Hebrew word for "...on the third day, in the morning..." is written the term schilhuv which is the modern term for rapture.  This modern designation hasn't been used until recent times but God obviously knew, not only that it would come into later day use but, what it would come to mean.  Yacov Rambsel found the words schilhuv,natzal,haMashiack, Yeshua  which means Rapture, Caught Up, The Messiah Yeshua. 
Juan,  You may just have something there with your message.  Perhaps this whole resurrection event will happen on the Third Day for those Dead in Christ at this time whom will leave on the 40th day  and at the time of Pentecost, will be the time for us, the living and the many who will also come to know Yeshua through seeing those they knew were dead now walking the earth praising the Lord with their testimonies.  This is a real "WOW" thought.
Thank You very much,